Sundae 28/2/10 :: Shannon L Marshall

A decade of club experience has proven Shannon Marshall’s ability to seamlessly stay on top of the musical trends while always remembering the best of what came before. A veteran of the Family hey-day, this smooth operator knows what a real DJ is made of and the power of the house scene at it’s underground best. This Sundae Shannon gets a chance to show us the lighter side of his selector abilities and his abilities to select from a cocktail list. Shannon has also honed his production skills over the years so keep your eye out for his recent release under the Jumpstarterz alias !


Sundae 21/2/10 :: Brian Damms

Sundae favourite and good mate Brian Damms steps up to the decks this weekend (really this time). Never satisfied with following the musical herd, Brian Damms has always had a Dj style that sets him apart and tests the mind of the dancefloor punter with obscure remixes and twisted rhythms. This was never more evident than his time as resident in Uncle @ Family all the while showing his ability to diversify by taking on other gigs in all sorts of genres. You may also remember Brian from residencies in Press Club, Empire (corner bar), Moon Bar & Family Lounge and supports for many an international. Those in the know, know Brian can bring it! Come down this Sundae and find out why. See you in the Sunshine !


Sundae 14/2/10 :: Craig Wood

When Craig says he has a hot record on the turntables he means it! Craig Wood’s taste in music has always been a stand-out as far as the Sundae sound in Brisbane is concerned. From the first time he played for us up to the DJ competition and since, all reactions to his sets have always been positive. We expect his set this weekend will nothing less and look forward to seeing this crowd pleaser back on the decks at Watt! See you in the sunshine !


Sundae 7/2/10 :: Willi Costa

What can I say about Willie Costa a.k.a. Andrew Williamson that isn’t already urban legend! Another English ex-pat and good mate who has a work hard play hard attitude that has kept him in place in the high rankings in Unkle bar at The Family for many years now. Willie has had turntables longer than most people care to think back and we are sure he will enjoy digging through his wealth of tunes to pull together an exciting Sundae set. Wether it’s driving ice-cream trucks, operating smoke machines or playing beach volleyball Willie always gives 100% (inside joke) See you in the sunshine!!