Sundae 4/4/10 :: Vinyl Throwdown

A decade of club experience has proven Shannon Marshall’s ability to seamlessly stay on top of the musical trends while always remembering the best of what came before. A veteran of the Family hey-day, this smooth operator knows what a real DJ is made of and the power of the house scene at it’s underground best. This Sundae Shannon gets a chance to show us the lighter side of his selector abilities and his abilities to select from a cocktail list. Shannon has also honed his production skills over the years so keep your eye out for his recent release under the Jumpstarterz alias !


Sundae 21/3/10 :: Athol Bennett

Athol Bennett has grown up with rhythm in his veins with percussion and live performance in his early days making the transition to Djing later on an easy one. A varied array of influences and genre’s he has played has helped him develop a crowd pleasing cross-over style that’s kept him busy around Brisbane for over a decade. A style perfectly suited to Sundae’s eclectic crowd. Athol has recently been focusing on Nu Disco, Nu Jazz/ Funk and Funk & Disco classics which ensures we can look forward to another Sundae of cerebral musical expression. Oh and keep your eyes out for an impromtu set by a special guest who played one of the first Sundae parties! See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 14/3/10 :: Jimmy Ellis

Jimmy Ellis steps up to the decks for his farewell gig before leaving our shores back to his country of birth where we hope his respected talents will bring him fame and fortune. What can we say about Jimmy that he hasn’t told you already (lol) Master of the over emphasised mixer gymnastics we know and love him for and hair stylist extroadinaire, who’s over enthusiasm for the Soulful House genre he loves is legendary and sometimes controversial. . You can be sure he will put on a good show for us this Sundae pulling out all the stops to leave his musical mark. A great supporter of Sundae he will be missed so make sure you’re there this Sundae for a last beer or two with him and anything embarrising we can do to him, so we make sure he never forgets us (ha) Jimmy has also had a hand in bringing Greg Wilson, the early electro master to AllOneWord this Saturday night if your keen for some musical learnin’.


Sundae 7/3/10 :: Richard Shimmy

Richard is another of our English ex-pats and Brisbane DJ scene legend returning to Brisbane for a special one-off, vinyl only set. Incorporating an array of genres from funk through the many shades of soul music including Motown, 60s R&B, Northern Soul and Acid Jazz on dusty old 7 inch records! Richard has been a regular fixture in Brisbane since 1998, playing at almost every venue around and has hosted and been guest on a number of local radio programs. A resident of Family’s Cocktail Lounge for over 4 years and a festival regular he never disappointed. We are very excited to have him back again, for what should be a Shimmy set to remember!.