Sundae 2/5/10 :: Brazen + Mr Gaunt

Back by popular demand DJ Brazen (Brad) and Mr.Gaunt (Marcus) are veterans of the Sundae gig being involved in some of the biggest days we have had at Watt. Their breaks and hip hop driven style always going down well with the masses, delivered with a cheeky smile and extreme enthusiasm. These boys have more experience between them than theyโ€™d care to admit, most famously their years of residency back to back in empires moon bar. These guys know their way around a set of turntables and it definitely comes across in their sets. It’s a shame I will miss this one as another long weekend definitely spells a huge Sundae not to be missed and with Benn Hopkins taking the support reigns you can expect a great musical start and finish to a great day!! See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 25/4/10 :: Super Sendoff Soiree

Don’t worry it’s not over! After this Sundae’s long weekend, Benn Hopkins takes the reigns for our “Back By Popular Demand” series with guest Dj’s you know and love. This week Sundae says goodbye (temporarily) to it’s residents DJ’s Chantal and CoolHand Luke as they head off on a month long musical adventure of epic proportions through 8 countries and numorous parties to gain inspiration and probably several hangovers (if the volcano doesn’t stop us!). Chantal, Luc & Friends will be smashing out the Sundae favorites so expect to hear some Funk standards as well as of course, Deep, funky and soulful house so come on down and have a bevy with us.Don’t forget (as if you could) this Sundae and next Sundae fall on long weekends, should be a big one! See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 18/4/10 :: Zach Salar

A good bloke with a proper smile originally from Melbourne Zach Salar moved to Brisbane embracing it with fresh faced eagerness and the do it yourself attitude of our fair city. Zach’s club sound crosses deep, tech and minimal but is well known for his love of the funky, soulful and classic side of the house sound so anything could happen this Sundae with him at the decks. He represents the forefront of a new breed of dj and promoter utilising technology to it’s full. His wildly popular Nightvision podcast has set about educating Brisbane clubbers with a fresh take on music presentation, and in the process has drawn significant attention to the quality of Brisbaneโ€™s local DJs. Be sure to keep an eye on this young gun for we’re sure more surprises and a bright future is ahead! See you in the sunshine!