Sundae 6/6/10 :: Paul Farris

The “Back by popular demand” series hits it’s second month and Paul Farris kicks it off on the 6th. Yes it’s winter and we are still running, the heaters are coming out this week to keep us nice and cozy. Paul wowed us the last time he played Sundae with a perfectly matched selection of quality house pulling out tunes that surprised even the most seasoned ears. He comes armed with a bio to be envied, which includes residencies for Heavyweight dance culture icons Defected Records, Pacha & Ministry of Sound. In 2005 Paul was also invited to compile and mix the first ever Housexy release which set the tone for what has become one the the worlds great party labels. He is also an exceptional proffessional photographer and is the man to call for all you quality photography needs! Look forward to seeing & hearing Paul at the turntables as he’s a gentlemen who has always got a smile on his face and true selector and lover of house music. See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 30/5/10 :: Brian Damms

Those who know Brian can tell you he loves to have a laugh and his sense of fun is legendary but when it comes to his Dj’ing his serious side comes out and it shows in the quality and popularity of the sets he has produced for Sundae in the past. With his sonic sensibility and genre hopping skills, he creates some blissfull blends of the freshest cuts with the best of the past. He has never bee satisfied with following the musical herd and it’s in the club Brians dj style has set him apart as he tests the mind of the dancefloor punter with obscure remixes and twisted rhythms. This was never more evident than his time as resident in Uncle @ Family all the while showing his ability to diversify by taking on other gigs in all sorts of genres. Residencies in Press Club, Empire (corner bar), Moon Bar & Family Lounge and supports for many an international. Those in the know, know Brian can bring it! Come down this Sundae and find out why. See you in the Sunshine !


Sundae 23/5/10 :: Jason Rouse

This Sunday @ Watt at the Powerhouse Brisbane Dj legend and one of the original Sundae Brisbane co-founders, Jason Rouse a.k.a Rousey will take to the turntables to offer us up his signature sound that can only be described as “Rouse House”. Rousey’s set this weekend coincides with his birthday celebrations so expect to see some familiar faces come out to wish him the best, have a drink or two and listen to a what I’m sure will be a set with a few surprises. Decades of making people move and still rocking floors at the Met and Alhambra Rousey will deliver! To know him is to love him so If you know him get down to watt and let him know, and if you don’t know him come down anyway and get some lovin’ Rouse House style!


Sundae 16/5/10 :: Adrian Matyear

Back by popular demand Adrian Matyear ,Another DJ passionate about his vinyl and probably the only dj you will see playing a modern sound using 95% vinyl (respect!) Long, tight key mixes and a bumpy, funky style and a scientist’s sense about the sound he delivers. We can expect the Sundae version of his sound to be specially prepared and considered for your listening pleasure. The workhorse behind Therapy @ BarSoma, Adrian has made his mark in Brisbane as a standard setting promoter and I believe a major reason why BarSoma is what it is today. He’s a lover and supporter of the Sundae brand and the man behind all of Sundae Brisbane’s graphic Art. Wish I could be there as, I know, Adrian delivers a great set. See you in the sunshine!!