Sundae 4/7/10 :: Open Decks!

This week we’re trying something a little different. In an attempt to bridge the gap between the dj and the listener we are giving anyone the opportunity to bring down their favorite tune on cd or vinyl and hear it played at Sundae. If you’re a dj you can play it yourself or if not there will be a professional there to do the honors for you. Funky, groovy, soulful, deep, doesn’t have to be house as long as it’s cool. It Could be motown, funky breaks, broken beat, nu-disco, boogie anything as long as it fits into the ‘Sundae’ vibe. If you walk up with a decent tune you may even earn yourself a free drink. Don’t be shy! It’s all about sharing good music together and that’s what we’re about at Sundae! See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 27/6/10 :: Mr Sparkle

The last of the “back-by-popular demand” series brings a dj we have been trying to tie down for a while. Fun Lovin’ David Madden aka Mr.Sparkle is well tuned in to the Sundae sound and I know he is looking forward to the chance to express his deeper side A mainstay of the local dance scene and one of Brisbane’s hardest working party starters, engineering all manner of social interaction in rooms big and small, Sparkles’ backs himself with a lifetime of love for music. He delivers through funky, soulful goodness and big beats to tease out big smiles and feed sweaty dance floors. Also look out for Mr. Sparkles in his live collective the “Dubs… Down Under Beatmasters. See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 20/6/10 :: DJ Rasp

Over the last 6 weeks we have showcased the most popular dj’s from past events and this week is no exception. The great feedback from DJ Rasp’s last appearance for Sundae was the original inspiration for the “back by popular demand” series so we are honored to have him back on the decks again this weekend. Breaky, funky and always interesting, with cheeky re-edits and unexpected drops Dj Rasp’s grasp on things funky is legendary Whether Playing major festivals, as front man for the Vinyl Slingers, or entertaining locals at his numerous residencies in Brisbane over the years, he always gives 100% and never fails to entertain. Those who know him well will tell you of his fun loving and competitive nature which definitely shines through in his dj’ing style. See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 13/6/10 :: Kieron C

Back by popular demand & by personal request this time, Keiron C will wow us again with his turntabalist skills and provide the entertainment for the engagement party for Andrew Williamson (aka Willie Costa) and Katie MacIntosh. It’s also the last long weekend of the year so the pressure is on Keiron to provide the soundtrack for a day and night of memories that will stay with us all a long time. Always eclectic and a proven wealth of musical knowledge means his selector skills have been called apon in venues and supports and festivals to numerous to mention. KC’s deep love for funk and disco is reflected in his sound and will no doubt set the tone for his musical delivery this Sundae. We know KC loves to play at Watt and I know he’d love to see you there for what I predict will be a big one this Sundae!!see you in the sunshine!