Sundae 1/8/10 :: Residents Day

Residents day is way to bring together those dj’s who’s involvement with Sundae goes deeper than the occasional gig. They are the dj’s we turn to when we need someone we can trust to run the show , those who we turn to for inspiration, those who have been there with support from the very beginning, and of course the dj’s who deliver the perfect Sundae sound time and time again. This week Benn Hopkins and Brian Damms will join myself (CoolhandLuke) and Chantal for an afternoon of music and mayhem. . See you in the Sunshine!

On a different note our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Philadelphia as they deal with the loss of a close friend and Philadelphian DJ legend Randy Flash, if you are in Philadelphia and can make it please do as all the money raised through the benefit will be given directly to the mother of Randy Flash Lee Jones and others close to Randy have brought this together out of the goodness of there hearts as a celebration of a life that has cast out positive energy to all those who had the pleasure to be in his company. God bless Randy Flash as well as his family and friends.


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