Sundae 5/9/10 :: Richard Hart

The return to the Sundae decks for this DJ has been a been a long time coming. A finalist in the highly successful Sundae DJ comp. Richard needs no instruction on what to play at Watt. His music collection reflects his eclectic taste but we best know him for his love of the upbeat lounge sound well suited to Sundae. Funky, jazzy, vocal, soulful with a classic electro tip and influenced by solid labels like Om, Buzzin’ Fly, Naked Music & Salted. No cdj’s for this guy as he is still heavily into all things wax and those close to him will attest to his obsession with hunting the world over for that particular track on vinyl (respect!). I know he’s looking forward to playing Sundae again, and it’s a chance to show off some of those golden pieces he’s been hoarding since we last had the pleasure. See you in the Sunshine!


Sundae 29/8/10 :: Anna Sonnenburg

A young woman with an old musical soul Anna’s natural abilities behind the decks comes from years of musical dedication. A multi instrumentalist at the top of her game (even turning down Gigs for Pete Murray) before the dj bug hit. A love affair with Drum & Bass was her introduction to the DJ club scene until one day Anna came accross ‘Mark Farina’s live at Om’ and the obsession with house music started! It wasn’t long and turntables were purchased along with a ton of house and disco records and she has never looked back since! Her love of the soulful house sound comes accross in her sets and we can can expect to hear some classics you would not expect somone Anna’s age to know let alone play. See you in the Sunshine!


Sundae 22/8/10 :: Virginia Le

Melbourne’s pocket dynamo Virginia Le brings her selector skills for the sunshine and sunset set this Sundae @ Watt. At the tender age of 25 Virginia has a bio to be envied having achieved more in her time than dj’s many years her senior. Considered the dj’s dj for her ability to find and play unheard gem’s and keeping her hand on the pulse of all the up-and-coming new tunes. A huge list of Festival gigs and A-list supports speaks of Virginias experience behind the decks. Add this and an impressive and individual mixing style and you can understand why Virginia has earnt herself cult status as an underground music queen. . See you in the Sunshine!


Sundae 15/8/10 :: Troy De La Roche

Troy’s been chasing that perfect Sun…Set for many years. From Brisbane to the Gold Coast, at Redbull Events & 5 Star Resorts, overseas in Panama, Malaysia, Holland, Las Vegas, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunny Tour, World Tourism Expo & many more. Troy’s found the perfect sunset right here in Australia where is all started and where better for a sun…set chaser to play than by the river for Sundae Brisbane. Troy’s ability to read a room and always have a handfull crowd pleasing tunes up his sleeve served him well as Press club resident alongside Sundae DJ’s Chantal and Cool Hand Luke. We’ll be bringing the team back together in what were sure will be a great afternoon of music. See you in the Sunshine!


Sundae 8/8/10 :: Aaron Whittaker

Aaron Whittaker was until recently an unknown quantity to the Sundae hierarchy but the enthusiasm he approached us with and his obvious love for music made the decision to book him an easy one. Aaron (aka Disco Terrorism) is one of the few of the nu-breed of house Dj’s who can say they started mixing vinyl on a set of 1210’s (which always gets you a little respect at Sundae). He says his musical influences roll very deep playing old school house in his early days and more recently Dutch electro house to flowing deep house sets to set the mood. Aarons approach to his dj sets is all about feel. He says ‘Its about setting a mood and energy to the venue, If you get it right the set is amazing and you can see everybody in the venue feel what you are feeling’. You can catch Aaron (Disco Terrorism) at the Fringe Bar Thursday nights and Uber Saturday nights and of course this Sundae @ Watt.. . See you in the Sunshine!