Sundae 3/10/10 :: Residents Day

Residents day is a way to bring together those dj’s who’s involvement with Sundae goes deeper than the occasional gig. They are the dj’s we turn to when we need someone we can trust to run the show , those who we turn to for inspiration, those who have been there with support from the very beginning, and of course the dj’s who deliver the perfect Sundae sound time and time again. This time around It’s Adrian Matyear and Colin Russell (DJ Freestyle), both vinyl lovers so expect to see a few big black round thingy’s. They join myself (CoolhandLuke) and Chantal for an afternoon of music and mayhem. . See you in the Sunshine!


Sundae 31/10/10 :: Bure

An understated, though generous and efficient DJ, Bure joins us at the decks this week to shine a light on the deeper aspects of his sound. More notorious for his bigroom work, Bure’s collection spans all shades of house, and has seen him able to take on any room. Sunbar, Press Club, Jade Buddha, and Alhambra have all seen the more soulful end of his sound, whilst Uber, Family, GPO and the Met have enjoyed the peak time sound he is readily able to deliver. In between dates, Bure continues to punch out remixes under his Musik1 alias, notably hitting #5 on the Aria singles chart for his redo of Ricky-Lee’s ‘Hell No.’

This week though, Bure is eager to explore the deeper sound with us, and arrives at the party with bags of experience, and an effervescence for the movement. Benn Hopkins takes over warm up duties too, enjoying the chance to spin a spot he knows so well, and with the afternoon deep house sound firmly in the pocket.


Sundae 24/10/10 :: Fergus Alexander

Fergus Alexander brings hi deep electronic funk sounds to Sundae this week in what could be considered his farewell gig before moving to the UK. The sound Fergus has developed is hard to wrap a genre around and as he describes it “t’s deep, its groovy, its funky, its percussive, rhythmic and melodic”. It’s a sound that comes from trawling through new music in search of something and someone fresh, or a re-edit of a “diamond in the rough” to ensure his sets flow as seamlessly as possible.

Also heavily involved through the years as a promoter in the Brisbane scene initially under the united sound system barrier in 2002 and from 2005 as part of the LOGIC events crew hosting a hand picked a-list of internationals dj’s to numerous to mention.

No matter what setting you catch Fergus in, you know you’re going to hear a unique set which sits a little to the left of what DJs X, Y and Z are playing so we are looking forward to hearing his take on the Sundae sunset set. See you in the sunshine!


Sundae 17/10/10 :: Richard Shimmy

Back by popular demand, Richard Shimmy returns to give us another demonstration of his turntablist and selector/collector skills. Shimmy wowed us last time with eclectic soul set all played on 45’s and this time we can expect a broader offering with Soul/Northern/R&B /Funk/Boogaloo and maybe even a little bit of Ska! Whatever he chooses to play we are sure there will be enough musical surprises and to keep the chin strokers happy.

Richard got his DJ moniker from his highly successful event in the UK called “Shimmy” which led to his involvement with the Legendary Hacienda nightclub. A scouting trip to Australia for the club around ’98 and, for whatever reason, he decided to stay and became a regular fixture in Brisbane since that time, playing at almost every venue around with Hosting and guest appearances on a number of local radio programs. A resident of Family’s Cocktail Lounge for over 4 years and as a festival regular he never disappointed!

Northern soul is a music and dance movement that grew from the British mod scene, with roots in northern England in the late 1960s. Northern soul music is black American soul music and the Motown influenced sound of the time with a focus on the rare and less mainstream artists.


Sundae 10/10/10 :: Arvo Funke

Adam Spencer (Arvo Funke) and Luc Faisal (Sundae Brisbane) came up with idea for this weeks event over a drink at the bar a few weeks ago when they realised they had alot in common in regards to their event ethos, the people they knew, the dj’s they booked and the styles of music they loved yet strangely enough it was the first time they met. So why not bring both events togther for a meeting of musical minds !?

Arvo Funké started in November of 2009 as the brainchild of founder Adam Spencer (Adam Madd) as a way to bring funky, sexy, deep, alluring house to a casual, relaxed monthly ‘party to the people’. A great suppoter of local DJ;’s Arvo Funke has become the launch pad for up coming talent and showcase for brisbane’s experienced elite. Arvo Funké has been able to supply Brisbane with a quality sound that is only seen at local events such as Sundae Brisbane, Delicious, and Therapy. With the backing of, Arvo Funké reaches a worldwide audience via the new and increasingly popular world of online television, allowing increased exposure of each instalments featured DJs, both headliners and locals, on a worldwide stage.

The river, the park, the arts centre and Watt combine to create a perfect backdrop for what has become an institution in Brisbane dance music culture. Finding it’s first incarnation in Philadelpia, Sundae founder and imagineer Lee Jones has spread the Sundae love and inspiration throughout the world and thankfully landing some in Brisbane where Sundae has been alive and well for many years now. The strength of Sundae internationals branding, online presence and tech savvy approach to promoting the event are some of the reasons the recently launched iphone/android app.has 70,000 plus subscribers tuning into the Sundae vibe. Local Dj’s are the heart of Sundae Brisbane’s entertainment and we are always looking for new take on the Sundae sound. . See you in the Sunshine!