Sundae 31/12/10 :: New Year’s Eve!

See in the New Year in Sundae style, at Watt at The Powerhouse.

We will be vibing up the riverside with organic resonance from the boys of Brisbane funk band Golden Sounds, with Peter G on percussion and River on Sax.
You can expect untamed and animated performances from the Vulcana Womens Circus along the boardwalk and funky favourites of 2010 from your Sundae resident DJ’s Cool Hand Luc and Chantal.
Our sound restrictions have been eased for New Years Eve so we have a copious quantity of PA lined up to keep you grooving all over the venue.

Oh yeah, and did we mention this is all FREE? No cover charge, no worries!

The Al Fresco dining area will be operating as normal. The Park Lounge Bar and the Marble Bar will be fully stocked, and in full service. Call Watt on 3358 5464 to secure a table or find a space in the Park Lounge on the night. Just remember to get in early to secure your spot.


Sundae 26/12/10 :: Xpat Xmas!

As we welcome the holiday season, we get a chance to take a break, refresh and to think about our family and friends. If you find yourself in sunny Brisbane, but away from your people, this time of year can be a little lonely – remember though that you are part of the funky Sundae family, and put those feelings to rest! We will be out in full force this Sundae bringing the good cheer from ear to ear for all our brothers and sisters. Expat DJs stuck in Brisbane for the holidays are spinning, and we hope to see you out grinning.

Our Xpat Xmas party is coming this Sundae, ready to receive the party people of Brisbane, whatever your situation. Even if your family resides in Brisbane, bring ‘em along, join our family and join in the fun of Brisbane’s most unique party.


Sundae 19/12/10 :: DJ Katch

Well what can we say about our guest this week? We are so excited to see Katch coming down the path towards the party. What a start to summer! Katch is a keen collector and a devastating selector, rocking living rooms, big rooms, outside rooms and now Sundae with his infectious party funking vibes.

From early in the game, Katch has positioned himself as a hip hop explorer, along the way collecting multiple DMC titles, been one of 2Dogs, crossed the country with the notorious party outfit Resin Dogs, and hosted the long running Phat Tape show on 4ZZZ. The misadventures and mischief continues on the road, where Katch performs touring duties for Regurgitator, in amongst his own busy schedule that sees him criss crossing the globe.

As the days get longer, and a little sun peeks through in the afternoon we settle down to ripple of the river and chill beats offered by our breakbeat troubador Katch. Join us for a Katch Xmas this Sundae, chilling and illing in the park. See you in the sunshine.


Sundae 12/12/10 :: DJ Omar [Melbourne]

As summer quietly slips into Brisbane, and the holiday season arrives, we can relax a little knowing that we have had a productive year. The strange weather we’ve been having has made no difference to our Sundae faithful though turning out each week for the finest weekend event in Brisbane. In an effort to kickstart the correct summer vibes though, we present this week a special sultry and summery set from our guest, DJ Omar.

With over 20 years experience mixing all shades of latin infused house, soul, reggae and all around good fun, Omar is a professional party player. From the early 90’s Omar was a significant force in the development of the club scene in Ecuador, before relocating to Sydneys burgeoning dance scene, quickly forming a niche as an authentic purveyor of latin rhythms. Now in Melbourne, Omar backs up consistently week after week, spreading good times and good cheer at the likes of Phoenix and Seven in between return trips to the Americas to headline Ecuador’s Sonimar festival and New York’s Crobar.

Omar arrives at Sundae with the word on the wing about what we do and agrees wholeheartedly with the approach: we will be sharing an extremely chill afternoon, and into the warm evening with a generous and thoughtful DJ who knows just exactly how to encourage cool days and hot nights. See you in the sunshine.