Sundae 1/5/11 :: In tha name of Funk

Sundae is known about town for our fondness of the golden age of recording, where music was pressed to physical discs, and sold by the crate load, where house bands played into the night and into obscurity save for a few local fans, and where occasionally, not often, a a microphone somewhere would happen by a sweaty sexy scene, and catch that magic on tape.

This week, we are bringing out the juice for your enjoyment. Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be sifting through their collections to bring you only the best funk records, and Golden Sound’s Peter G will be happening by to preview some of the honey dripped studio sessions that they’ve been working on recently.

Get on down to the downtown… part of Brisbane, nearby to the park, you know where we are! Next to the powerhouse, right by the river. And we will be taking advantage of another long weekend to get down long into the evening. See you in the sunshine.


Sundae 24/4/11 :: Pqm [Melbourne/Nyc/Yoshitoshi]

The weekend has landed! This weekend is the longest long weekend we will see for sometime so we here at Sundae are going to do it right! Oh, do we have it sorted out for you…

Growing up in Queens, New York, and now calling Australia home, PQM is a serious record flipper with dancefloor capability that has seen him influence some of the greatest DJs of our time, and sent him to far flung locations like Peru, China, Greece, Mexico, Russia and of course, the southern isles here in Australia and New Zealand.

The big guys can’t get enough of his stuff either. Roger Sanchez, Hernan Cattaneo, Creamer and K, Danny Howells, Kenny Dope, Robert Owens, Deep Dish and more grab up his records and store them safely in their record boxes, or put them on their mix cds.

Maybe it’s his adaptability.. From his initial forays into hiphop, through to the big rooms of the dance scene, PQM has endeared himself to a generation through impeccable mixing and selection, tight production, and all around dedication to music and good times.

As we celebrate the Easter weekend, and knowing that we have a couple of days to recover, we can properly get down to the real sound of one of our industry’s most in tune individuals. Join us for our super duper Easter party at Sundae. We’ll see you in the sunshine..

Photograph by Andrew Maccoll

Sundae 17/4/11 :: Vinyl Throwdown

You all know what’s up this weekend! Sundae is one of the last vinyl oases in the city. What with everyone ‘going digital’ these days, it’s hard to find DJs whose music wasn’t purchased in the form of binary data.

We at Sundae however prefer the feel of grooves under our fingers, and every now and then, we all bust out our collections for our semiregular celebration of those big black round things. Bring your smiles and happy feet as we check back on those who came before us at our special Sundae Vinyl Throwdown. See you in the sunshine.


Sundae 10/4/11 :: Jerry Drew

At Sundae we are fortunate to meet many cool cats from all around the globe. We especially like it when they like Brisbane so much that they decide to uproot their operations and move over to our sunburnt section of the atlas. Not so long ago, an understated gentleman approached us at one of our parties and told us he’d done just that. Better still, he carried the rap sheet of a serious house head and so of course we got along.

After catching him drop some serious business around town at spots like Family, Therapy and Subtrakt, we looked a bit deeper into this guy’s past, and found he was an extremely well traveled vinyl slinger, and had been sighted all over the globe. His initial home base appeared to be the British isles, confirmed by solid showings at Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, Home and The Cross. Further investigation though revealed that he’d been running rackets at Pacha and Es Vive in Ibiza, Republik in Berlin, Krisha in Moscow, and the notorious Yalta in Sofia, Bulgaria. His known associates are a well known bunch, and include the likes of Rocky, Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and Timo Maas.

Only recently were we able to pin him down to make his first Sundae appearance, and not before time. Ladies and gentlemen, Jerry Drew. See you in the sunshine..