Sundae 5/6/11 :: Shannon L Marshall

For over a decade, Shannon L Marshall has immersed himself in the club sound. With footings in early electronica, US deep and funky tech house, he has streamlined the sound with each presentation to the floor, maintaining a nocturnal longevity, though with an ever evolving creative take on cutting edge club rhythms.

Preferring to shake it in the city’s larger sound systems, Shannon has long been a fixture in the major club circuit. Developing through an intense five year residency at Empire Hotel, and long term engagements with The Family and Therapy, and more recently, Alhambra and The Met; his ability to adapt to different party scenarios have served to cement Shannon’s position as one of the city’s most reliable players.

Shannon’s talented and efficient ability to set up rooms has been called upon to support a diverse range of international visitors, both highlighting his own individual take on the sound whilst providing a respectful heat up for the guest. Derrick Carter, Ben Watt, Inland Knights, Chris Lum, Johnny Fiasco, Brett Johnson, Jim Baron (Crazy Penis), James Curd (Greenskeepers), Andy Caldwell, and more have all been assisted by Shannon’s early treatment of the club, and has made for some memorable events.

When coming to the Sundae party, Shannon packs a bag like a picnic. All the pieces for a great day in the sun, all neatly arranged and ready to serve up a feast. and all with the deep and funky style that you know that we love down here. Join us this Sundae for an extra helping, Shannon style. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 29/5/11 :: Brian Damms

Originally a British expat, though now a long time resident of Brisbane, Brian Damms has made this city his own, drawing on his experiences in the heady summers of love of his youth, and expertly delivers a proper chuggy soulful house vibe refined via thousands of hours behind the turntables.

In Brisbane, Brian is a well known face at all the hot clubs. He laid the groundwork for much of the dominant sound in our city, helping to define an era with quality showings at places like Press Club, Empire, Family, and Therapy. Brian is a friendly face in the crowd too, constantly taking in and enjoying new music, and of course, you’ve probably seen him hanging out with us at Sundae many times.

Often Brian helps us out with our big projects, and we’re always pleased to see him roll up with a record bag at our various collaboration parties, though we would be remiss if we didn’t book in a date for our spotlight to fall on one of the city’s classiest and most humble nightclub spinners. This week we put the focus on Brian and give you all afternoon to soak up his sweet sounds. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 22/5/11 :: James McNeill

At Sundae, we are particularly pleased to meet enthusiastic young DJs who appreciated the sound our guys have been pushing in Brisbane for a long time. Our guest this week, James McNeil has his feet firmly planted in house history, but with with his eye on what’s up ahead.

James first showed his face as a punter and appreciator at the classic superclub house parties that dominated Brisbane at the beginning of the decade. The gravity of what he witnessed was not lost on him, and in short time he was hustling the clubs himself, pushing a funky jacking sound that captured the house attitude at the time.

Since those early beginnings, he has spun out dancers at Empire, Birdees, Chic Boutique, Ruby Tramp, and most recently in the lounge at Family. Sundae is his next stop, and we’re pretty happy to see that the proper house sound is being carried by new faces on the scene. We’ve seen James hanging out at our party recently, eagerly awaiting a chance to drop his own flavour on us. So get in this Sundae to see what he has in store. See you in the sunshine.


Sundae 15/5/11 :: Jason Rouse

Our guest this week at Sundae will be immediately recognizable to many, he has been helping us out for years, bringing the good times and good tunes. So experienced and influential in Brisbane is Jason Rouse, he has spawned his own brand of chuggy soulful deep bump and grind known locally as ‘Rouse House.’ For those that don’t know, let us help you get acquainted.

Jason is an experienced hand in Brisbane clubs, so much so that he’s watched a whole new generation of DJs develop in the nightlife scene that he helped establish. His continuing enthusiasm for playing the right tune, at the right time, for the best parties, sees him continue to throw down each week at Zuri and The Met, to appreciative crowds that can’t get enough of his impeccable tune selection and soulful swagger.

Out here in the daylight, Rousey shines at our little party. His endurance and keen ear ensure that both he and the party make it to the end of the weekend in good spirits. And this weekend will be a real test, as friends and family join him to kick off the opening ceremony of his week long birthday celebration. That said, Rousey knows our spot inside out, so when you see him roll up with his record bag, grab yourself a drink, stretch your toes, and get ready to get down, as Sundae’s very own ‘boogie-man’ is in town. See you in the sunshine.