Sundae 3/7/11 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Every now and then, we here at Sundae HQ like to take a step back, review and take stock. Dance music and technology are intertwined and both pushing each other along at a terrific pace. We are all playing USB sticks and trigger pads, but every now and then we like to remember what got us into this crazy business in the first place: records!

There is something about the way records crackle and pop that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe that’s it – warm and fuzzy. Audio nowadays is high resolution, clean soundbites, but at the same time can feel cold and clinical, particularly if the tunes that we like have that warm, funky, gritty feel.

Of course, we appreciate the future, and no doubt Sundae is one of the most forward thinking parties in the city. Each week we showcase great Brisbane talent pushing the boundaries of dance music through all manner of technology, but records are where we all began, and our seasonal Vinyl Throwdown is how we show thanks.

So get in the groove with us! This time around DJ Freestyle and Adrian Matyear join Cool Hand Luke and Chantal to drop a needle on it. The afternoon is the perfect time to review some of our favourite records and spy enviously on each others collections. No doubt you’ll see us flipping through each other’s record bags and hear frequent exclamations of “What is that huge choon!” punctuating the incredible soundtrack that is in store for you.

Join us this Sundae as the crew take you on a trip to a golden era of recorded music, set in the picturesque surrounds of New Farm Park and the Powerhouse, and gilded with the rosy tint of a great afternoon spent with your friends. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 26/6/11 :: Mr Sparkle

No stranger to our party, our guest this week Mr Sparkle has been a long time supporter of Sundae, and a close friend of the crew. Indeed, the halcyon days of Brisbane’s own superclub Family were built around the long and prosperous Saturday night partnership with our very own Cool Hand Luke that lasted for many years. For those who don’t know, let’s help you get acquainted..

One of Brisbane’s hardest working party starters, engineering all manner of social interaction in rooms big and small, DJ Mr Sparkle seeks to create a convivial atmosphere through funky, soulful goodness and big beats to tease out big smiles and feed sweaty dance floors. Taking on any party situation, Sparkles’ backs himself with a lifetime of interaction with music, calling on influences such as a music teaching mum, early years of soul and funk immersion and roller skating discos, through to the Manchester sounds of the 90’s, acid jazz and old school hip hop. All the while incubating an interest in the emerging rave, house and club sounds of the time.

For over ten years, Sparkles has been a mainstay at the best of Brisbane’s club rotations, taking on The Met, The Family, Press Club, The Wickham, Uber, GPO, Main Squeeze, Monastery and Jorge amongst many others. In the warmer months, Sparkles fills his days with outings such as Summerfieldayze, BBQ Breaks, Future Music Festival, Parklife and the like and performs under various guises, including Dubs… Down Under Beatmasters- his live collective, performing at Byblos Portside.

Mr Sparkle is without a doubt an unstoppable party force always bent on shenanigans, and carries a weekend stamina that would put most of the younger generation of DJs to shame, so we can expect the fun to continue through the afternoon and well into the night. Join us this Sundae with as we carry on in proper form with fine quality afternoon selections. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 19/6/11 :: Darren James

At Sundae we like to think we are an important bridge between the cutting edge and the history of house music. Each week exciting new aspects of the sound are heard alongside a deep respect for what came before. In Brisbane, dance music culture was built on the hard work of entrepreneurial street hustlers throwing wild parties in the heyday of naughty business our pretty city was built on. And right in the centre of this shadiness was our guest for this week, Darren James.

Prior to the internet wars of our current nightclub set, parties were promoted hand to hand. Word got around about the best places to find, and get lost at. An all over grittier, more hedonistic outing was to be had at places like The Tube, The Site and Lexington Queen. Darren was right there directing traffic on the floor, and helping to define an era that would break open clubbing in Brisbane.

In addition to throwing his own parties all over town, Darren was called upon to support numerous internationals. The likes of Derrick Carter, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Clarke and John Digweed delivered the post acid house boom to Brisbane via a Darren James introduction. Since then, Darren has diversified his interests into production, Tv and radio, hosting a number of specialist dance shows, and releasing tracks on EMI and Sony, including a redo of Dead or Alive’s ‘You spin me right round.’

We at Sundae are always pleased when our city’s most experienced heads come by to the party. On the cards are refined track selection, deft hands and dancefloor knowledge honed over decades spinning to Brisbane party people. Join us and Darren James this week as we stroll back through some soulful vintage Brisbane house. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 12/6/11 :: Cool Hand Luke 10 Years @ Watt

Ten years ago, some effervescent party people arrived by the riverside intent on planning the perfect afternoon party. Brisbane’s newly renovated Powerhouse was to provide the backdrop, the river and park would complement the scenery, and thousands upon thousands of Brisbane’s happiest, friendliest party people would enjoy the great Brisbane weather and sweet tunes each week.

DJs Sam Death and Cool Hand Luke, along with forward thinking venue manager of the time, Matt Kesby took to the task of providing a clubbing alternative that has become an institution in Brisbane. Over the last decade Watt’s sunday event has attracted more than 200 guest artists keen to explore the refined sound policy and good vibes on offer each weekend, and bask in the near perfect year round climate.

This week we celebrate ten years of Watt serving up the perfect day out, ten years of sublime sunday sessions, and ten years of Cool Hand Luke spinning what has now become Brisbane’s longest running DJ residency in a partnership that has outlasted most marriages these days. Moving forward, Watt will continue to provide good times each week to international visitors and local residents alike, continuing a tradition now that has become entrenched in Brisbane bar and club culture.

This Sundae though, we party, with percussionists, dancers, a visual retrospective and some of Brisbane’s finest DJs dropping by. It’s a public holiday the next day too! Join us as we celebrate this milestone and look forward to the next ten years. To be continued… See you by the riverside.