Sundae 4/9/11 :: James Canning

Spring is sprung! After a last little blast from the winter weather we’ve made it into spring and already we can feel the warm days coming on. At Sundae, we aren’t looking back, and you know it won’t be long before we are in our element, enjoying the long days and sultry nights by the river. To get us moving in the right direction, James Canning joins us this week from the Gold Coast bringing a stylish funk and soul groove, helping us celebrate Father’s Day and the opening of our Spring calender.

For over ten years James has been taking the lead on the notorious Gold Coast party strip. Not only directing traffic in the city’s clubs, but shaping local tastes with his popular radio show on the Metro transmitter, and moving crowds at festivals like Good Vibrations, Summafieldayze and Big Day Out.

His ability to cross latin, jazz, hip hop, breaks, house, soul and funk has seen him share the booth with De La Soul, Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Roger Sanchez, Grant Nelson, DJ Gregory, and Rasmus Faber amongst others. In the downtime between parties, James has managed to release a number of records under his own name, and various other projects including Rubber Johnson and No Siesta have been well received and drawn remixes from Fort Knox Five and the like.

So this week shake off winter and join us amongst the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees by Brisbane’s beautiful New Farm Park as James Canning arrives with style, and the spring season in tow. Bring your Father out and join us as we enjoy another spectacular Sundae afternoon. We’ll see you by the riverside.

Don’t forget: If you want to bring your Dad and your family down to the party and let them loose for the day, you can book a table with Julian and the team on 3358 5464.


Sundae 31/7/11 :: Matt Kitshon

At Sundae, we are pretty lucky to be involved in such a great city for dance music. Brisbane has such a great depth of talent, and a creative do-it-yourself attitude that has built a tidy little club scene of various flavours. Right at the beginning of the post-Joh nightclub domination of our city was our guest for this week, intent on driving the development of dance culture, and in the midst of it, cementing his position as one of the city’s finest tastemakers. Let’s get to know Matt Kitshon.

Before any of the fancy promo outfits and paparazzi style photographers arrived on the scene, a night out in Brisbane was a sordid affair. Fighting for any space that could contain turntables and a sound system, Matt was part of a select group of early pioneers that would introduce Brisbane to the modern clubbing experience. From revered venues like The Tube, and Viva, and the original incarnations of the Port Office and Monastery, Matt delivered his latest musical discoveries each week to a growing community of dancers eager to lap up the new sounds being unveiled in front of them. As the Valley was cleaned up, and Brisbane’s nightlife scene blossomed, Matt continued to maintain at the forefront, leading a growing consort of DJs with his experienced selection and impeccable style.

Always keen to develop a burgeoning young scene with his thoughtful contribution, Matt brought his considerable experience to China, amongst other international destinations, in order to grow the scene there. Upon his arrival back in Brisbane, he wasted little time re-establishing himself at the top of the game with residencies at The Met and more recently Zuri, amongst guest spots all around town that required his learned touch.

Although operating at high frequency each weekend, Matt’s visit to Sundae will take the pressure down a notch or two. His sound likely punctuated with deep, Balearic and soulful cuts, and delivered in the fine fashion of a master craftsman thoroughly enjoying his work. Join us this Sundae as we take in the sound of a DJ that knows Brisbane inside out. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae 24/7/11 :: Anthonne Boogie Shepheard

Ok, so officially we are halfway through winter, but you wouldn’t know it the last couple of weeks, as each of our guest DJs has brought bags of enthusiasm and turned up the heat to keep everyone moving, and particularly last week, up and dancing. This week it is the turn of a close Sundae friend, Anthonne Shepherd, to come down and throw down the sound that will radiate warmth through the party long after the sun has gone down.

Anthonne has long been a supporter of Sundae, though more accurately, he is a great supporter of the soulful, funky and deep strains of house. After pushing his record bag all up and down the coast each week, at places like Rolling Rock, Flamingo, and Wharf Tavern on the Sunshine coast, and the Elephant + Wheelbarrow in Brisbane, he can often be found soaking up tunes with us on a Sundae.

It is this unstoppable enthusiasm that pleases us so much. A lifetime dedication to this movement we call house, that shows itself through great tune selection, tight mixing and additional live elements that is delivered with genuine presence and ensures big smiles all around. Indeed, the last time Anthonne played for us at Sundae we were treated to an experienced hand at the decks dishing out tune after funky tune that kept us moving late into the evening.

Join us this Sundae as we welcome back Anthonne Shepherd, and shake off the winter chill in the fabulous surrounds of New Farm Park, and the warm company of all your friends. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 17/7/11 :: Ash Brosnan

The last few weeks at Sundae have seen our fabulous Brisbane local DJs punching well above their weight and bringing a warmth to the party that serves to stave off the chilly wind. This week we continue the warm and friendly theme with the return of one of our younger spinners in the ever enthusiastic, Ash Brosnan.

With so much great new music being released every day, it is the job of the quality selector to mentally jot down those great timeless sounds, so as to be able to quickly find it again and drop it at the perfect moment at party. Ash doesn’t make it easy for himself either, taking inspiration from the sounds of the tumultuous and inspiring eras of New York, Paris, Chicago and London, and adapting them for the modern day delivery.

It’s not just the sound, but the whole party picture that gets Ash going. Some of our younger friends may recognise him as the steering hand that directed Birdee Num Nums approach to party presentation for the first few years of it’s life. Since then, he’s been showing the Hong Kong locals how Australians do it with style. At each approach he brings his nuanced, but varied tastes to keep the party on the feel good tip without taking itself too seriously.

Down here at Watt, Ash has previously shown that he can mix it with the best, and Sundae has allowed him to delve further into his influences, crossing deep house, disco and italo. Join us this Sundae, we will keep each other warm, and Ash Brosnan will heat it up. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 10/7/11 :: Manesh Magan

For a long time, Sundae has been an outlet for Brisbane DJs to show us a side of themselves that we don’t see in the mainstream clubs. The high intensity of the Friday and Saturday club scuffle ensures a little rivalry between the city’s spinners to outdo each other with the biggest, freshest tunes that will lift the roof off, but on Sundae, the opportunity is there for a creative soul to dig deep, and dig up some classics, some more left field cuts, and in general put forward a cruisy vibe that allows for a smooth re-entry to the week for our people.

Our guest this week, Manesh Magan is no stranger to the late night bump and grind of Brisbane’s nightspots. As one half of peak time techno outfit Digital Divide, he has pushed the peak time crowd to the limit at events such as Elements, Subtrakt, and the highly regarded local festival Earth Freq, and is recognised for his solo efforts at Barsoma and Uber and as far afield as Yumla in Hong Kong.
All this busyness though sees him yearning for a place to return to his first love: classic, deep house. And as he steps out on his own from Digital Divide, his desire to put forward more soulful, esoteric cuts is well received down here at our little party.

Join us this week as we meet a new face at Sundae, a driven individual who no doubt will be bringing bags of enthusiasm and a selection of tunes that have lit his fire over the past few years. You know how we do: fresh tunes, fresh air, and hundreds of fresh friends kicking back enjoying the scenery. See you by the riverside.