Sundae 6/11/11 :: Claire Morgan [Sydney]

At Sundae, we love catching up with friends who are returning to Brisbane. Catching up on wild stories about their travels, trying to outdo each other with tune selections, and picking up where we left off the last time we saw them. This week our returning friend is Claire Morgan and we are pleased to hear that she is ripping it up in the southern part of the country now.

Establishing herself in Brisbane in 2001, Claire Morgan came to prominence locally with an inspired and individual sound, backed with extreme attention to detail at the controls. Circling the city’s nocturnal spots with a slick and driving house bag, Claire took on the dancefloors of Press Club, Empire, Monastery and Family, in between adding the spice to the early incarnations of No 12 and GPO. Her infamous JJJ Mixup brought her to national attention, and Claire soon found herself looking for a much larger hill to climb, finally making the shift south to the slightly larger smoke of Sydney.

Claire set about work on her Masters degree at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, exploring the emotional and psychological depths of film scoring and composition; all the while, sneaking out at night to bring vinyl only bags of deep house, disco, funk and techno to Sydney’s key gatherings of Lost Baggage, Spice, Loose Kaboose, Deep as Fu*k, Chemistry, Shrug, and The Box, and hitting the open air events when the warmer weather arrives. More recently too, Claire has been trekking further south again to Melbourne, to show them what’s up at Tramp, Revolver, Killing Time, and Blow Your Own Way. Although she won’t mention it either, Claire also found enough time in her busy schedule to place top 10 in the recent national She Can DJ final.

Both in the setup for the array of international house and techno elite rolling through the city or controlling the party at her own speed, Claire is a master DJ, bringing an organic, leftfield vibe to the party with her own unique selections and precision control at the mixer. Join us this Sundae as we catch up with our old friend, Claire Morgan. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 23/10/11 :: Remembering Stuart Dufty

At Sundae, we have a warm nostalgic spot for those who went before and helped to build Brisbane’s music scene that we enjoy being a part of. Nowadays we can enjoy a multitude of clubs to visit, lots of great interesting spots for parties, and professional connections with other music scenes around the world. Before we arrived though, there were hardworking DJs hauling crates of records, posting posters and laying the groundwork for our scene to flourish. This week we turn our attention to a well loved Brisbane pioneer, Stuart Dufty.

Over more than two decades Stuart Dufty had been turning Brisbaneites onto great club music, sourced through international connections, shipping containers of records and the pirate trade of cassette tapes. At venues such as Dome Bar, The Site, The Tube, Grand Orbit and Viva, Stuart spread his love for dance music via vinyl pressings from all around the world to thousands of clubbers eager to lap up the exciting new sounds that were finding their way into our city. In 1993, along with fellow musical explorer DJ Angus, the two began one of Brisbane’s legendary parties, Groove Kitchen, occupying Ric’s each Sunday afternoon with an eclectic selection of funk, house, and garage. The party was to become one of the most vibrant and well loved house parties of the 1990s.

At Sundae this week, we will be remembering the sounds of the Groove Kitchen, and celebrating the life of a Brisbane pioneer, so get down and get groovy amongst the soulful and funky house vibe of the Groove Kitchen party, and some great records from Stuart’s own collection. See you by the riverside.

*Watch this spot as coming up in the near future we will be focussing our attention on the life and sounds of DJ Angus.


Sundae 16/10/11 :: Jeremy Broughton

So it is the time of year to spring clean your weekend and let Sundae add the sparkle to these perfect weekends of warm and lazy days that are now upon us. Our guest this week, Jeremy Broughton is ready to roll his sleeves up too and mop the floor with some deep and groovy boogie house. Let’s get busy with Jeremy.

One of Brisbane’s friendly imported expats, Jeremy Broughton first crossed the Tasman six years ago, and established himself with a steady string of dates between Family, Press Club, and Barsoma, and more recently, has been a popular spinner at The Met, and the newly reinvigorated Alhambra. In the meantime, his big room focus has given way to a more sophisticated deep and groovy house sound that has opened him up to a new circle of fans.

Jeremy is a regular face around Sundae of an afternoon, and returns to the decks to add his own special blend of good cheer and atmosphere to our party. Although primarily focussed on the club aspect, down here at Sundae Jeremy favours eclectic and suitably sun drenched afternoon house jams, reaching all the way back, delivered with his trademark good humour and undeniable technical skill.

So take the afternoon off and join Jeremy Broughton with us at Sundae. While away the day with trees in the park, ripples in the river, the sun setting on the Powerhouse and sweet club DJs. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 9/10/11 :: Danny Cool

After a spectacular show of colour, rhythm and movement at our Carnivale party last week we are straight back into the swing of things in October with more fabulous Brisbane DJs. This week we kick off the month with a Sundae friend on a return visit with more sweet soulful tunes to drop on us. Let’s meet Bure.

An understated, though generous and efficient DJ, Bure joins us at the decks this week to shine a light on the deeper aspects of his sound. More notorious for his bigroom work, Bure’s collection spans all shades of house, and has seen him able to take on any room. Sunbar, Press Club, Jade Buddha, Alhambra and more recently the Limes rooftop and Waterloo hotel have all seen the more soulful end of his sound, whilst Uber, Family, GPO and the Met have enjoyed the peak time sound he is readily able to deliver. In between dates, Bure continues to punch out remixes under his Musik1 alias, notably hitting #5 on the Aria singles chart for his redo of Ricky-Lee’s ‘Hell No.’

This week though, Bure is eager to explore the deeper sound with us, and arrives at the party with bags of experience, and an enthusiasm for the movement. Join us as we step lightly to the sweet beat of Bure steppin’ out. See you by the riverside.

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