Sundae 4/12/11 :: Peter G + Can you keep a secret?

This Sundae marks the start of Summer, and you know that is something that we get excited about around here. These long days soaking up the sun and enjoying each others company are what we look forward to all year, This week, a special vintage selection of style and sound provided by our close friends at Can You Keep A Secret, a great new boutique that has recently opened it’s doors in Greenslopes. Peter G, the energetic keyboardist, percussionist, bandleader, and close associate of the Sundae crew over the years will supply an assortment of funk, boogie and golden sound lounge tunes to accompany the first look at some of the nifty fashion from this cool little boutique that converts into an event space at night.


Sundae 27/11/11 :: DJ Slynk

Well it certainly is hot and humid this week- clothes are coming off at the party, and people are enjoying the sun and the afternoon breeze. Our guest this week is comfortable with the heat and will waste no time getting down to cooking, serving up tasty, funky hip hop, soul, boogie and breakbeats. Let’s meet the chef: DJ Slynk.

One of Brisbane’s newer breed of party movers, Slynk quickly got down to business throwing down at Barsoma and Empire, and with a confidence of a seasoned veteran, supported regarded international acts Roots Manuva, De La Soul, Amp Fiddler, Fort Knox Five and A Skillz as a matter of course.

Establishing himself as a player in his own right, Slynk dropped his own cuts on labels such as Manmade, Goodgroove, and Jalapeno, before jetting off overseas to showcase his developing sound to an eager international audience. Slynk’s arrival as a unique and skilled producer and DJ was confirmed when his debut record was named Juno’s Breakbeat tune of 2009.

Slynk arrives at Sundae, with all the ingredients for a funky feast, dishing out delicious helpings of fine club cuisine, with all the trimmings. So, join us as this Sundae as we feed on the tasty treats, and party rocking beats of DJ Slynk. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 13/11/11 :: Troy De La Roche + Sharif D

As many at the party last week would have realised, the days are getting long now, with the warm sunshine extending well into the evening and creating a sublime backdrop for all the great music that has been going down at Sundae. This week we’re straight back into the fray with a double header of two Brisbane house cats that many will recognise, DJ De La Roche and Sharif D.

Troy De La Roche is a big fan of the outdoor party; he’s been chasing them around the globe, seeking out the perfect sunset at the end of the perfect afternoon, set to the perfect soundtrack. Playing in Panama, Malaysia, Holland, and the US, at events for Red Bull and the Playboy Bunny Tour amongst others, De La Roche has had ample opportunity to refine his funky, deep, disco house selections and now, back home in Brisbane, can let loose a little of that funky business at Sundae. A return visit, he first joined us at the party in August last year, though this will be his first outing as part of his new collaboration with Sharif D, Dirty Polite.

Sharif D is no stranger to our party either; he was seen lurking around our 10th birthday party back in June. It’s no surprise though, Sharif is known locally for unleashing his saxophone at clubs like Zuri, Alhambra, The Met and more, adding the spice to any party he shows up to. His musical talents extend to the keys as well, and sharing production duties with De La Roche in Dirty Polite, together they are recreating disco and house on their terms, from vintage golden sounds to new school future producers, and a shared love of boogie, funk, and soulful, diva house music.

All good things that we like at Sundae, so get yourself together with your friends and we’ll hand over the controls to DJ De La Roche and Sharif D to navigate another great afternoon in the sun at Watt. We’ll see you by the riverside.