Sundae 18/12/11 :: Sundae Xmas Party

Ok, so we were a little optimistic with our weather report last week, however that didn’t stop a bunch of you coming down to sing (and dance) in the rain. The brief storm provided great relief from the heat that built up over the day and left us with a surreal light show afterwards as the sun set.

As we near the end of another year down at Sundae, we like to look back and review all the great DJs that have led the party, and all the great tunes that make our ears happy. All of our DJs bring a unique sound, though it is the collective appreciation of house music that makes this such a fun party for us to run.

This week we are joined by a number of our previous Sundae guests as we take a look back at all the great releases this year, from across the whole spectrum of our sound, from funk, soul, boogie and jazz to disco both old and new and classic deep house. Next week is Christmas Dae and that means family time for us so this is your last chance to get a Sundae fix for the year. For the extra keen we will have special Sundae gifts to help you stay sane through the silly season.

Don’t forget too that we will be operating full swing on New Year’s Dae for a very special Therapy session presented by Sundae. As you would expect we will be taking advantage of the great climate we have in Brisbane to enjoy New Year’s Dae to the fullest.

Here at Sundae HQ we thank you for supporting us this year, and of course for helping us make it to ten years of great parties down here at Watt. As always we hope to see you by the riverside.


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