Sundae 15/1/12 :: KC and the Sundae Bash

Oh my, 2012 is off and running with hundreds of you groovers packing the venue last week to catch Scott Walker bring the heat to the party. There’s no time to stop though, this is bash country! And Sundae knows how to throw one. More specifically, it is Kieron + Chantal’s Bump + Boogie Birthday Bash, and that means record after record of funky business is heading our way.

Chantal has been an integral part of the Sundae event in Brisbane, playing multiple roles of host, photographer, dancer, and of course DJ. It is here behind the decks where her real energy flows to the party. Sublime chilled cuts, or her outstanding collection of funk, soul, deep house and disco, clubs like Zuri, Press Club, and Barsoma can’t get enough. Chantal has all moods of the party covered, and the stamina to take us from sunup to sundown and onwards, so look forward to a rich selection of solid party tunes.

Kieron C is also a close friend of the Sundae clan, and is generally nearby when an experienced party starter is called for. Kieron has decades of experience in Brisbane clubs, laying it down at Empire, Family, Barsoma and Kerbside. His unique take on dance music has flowed onto many other Brisbane DJs through his influential role at the source, working the desk for Rockinghorse Records and shaping the modern club sound in this city. At Sundae, expect to hear a fine assortment of party jams crossing disco, funk, and boogie.

So get your party outfit together. No need to bring gifts, just yourselves and your friends. We’ve got the tunes, just a sprinkle of you good people and we’ll get this party humming. Kieron C + Chantal’s Bump + Boogie Birthday Bash, this Sundae from 3pm. We’ll see you by the riverside.


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