Sundae 3/6/12 :: Robohan

RoBoHaN (Rohan Bicknell) has only become known to the Sundae crew in recent times but it didn’t take too many convesations for us to realise the respect and admiration he has in the electronic music scene in Brizvegas. A deep belief in the underground side of the scene has motivated RoBoHaN as a DJ and promoter to bring new sounds,artists and people together all for the love of music !
RoBoHaN Bio –
A rich musical background along with a lot of first hand experience of different electronic music environments around the world RoBoHaN has become a true renegade in the sound …of electronic music. With a passion for traveling and music exploration his well cultured, truly inspiring DJing style is instantly recognizable and reflects this. Since 2002 RoBoHaN has performed to audiences locally in Australia and internationally including visits to perform in England, Chile, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Has done a bit of festival action at the likes of Subsonic, Earth Freq and Manifest.
RoBoHaN has performed next to artists such as Adultnapper, Aril Brikha, Phil Kieran, Matthias Tanzmann, Paul Ritch, SCSI-9, Daniel Dreier, Daniel Steinberg, Matthias Meyer, Mike Monday, Nicone, Ahmet Sendil, Michael Meyer, Tobias Thomas, Seph, Stimming, Space Dimension Controller +. RoBoHaN favorite sounds are most things Minimal, Techno and House, Old School Electronic Music, Sambass and Breaks.
RoBoHaN is mainly known for the involvement and running of ‘Let Get Minimal (LGM)’, a minimally influenced house and techno crew based in Brisbane Australia. Since 2007 LGM has kept the locals high on music holding many successful parties. Along with the help of his fellow members Emmy Lou and Anna Sonnenburg LGM continue to specialize in quality music and experience.
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Always smiling, RoBoHaN’s cool character and friendly smile is what Sundae is all about!
See you by the riverside!!

Sundae 10/6/12 :: Alex Ward

One of the beautiful things about running our little party each week is the opportunity to check out great artists on the cutting edge of music production. On record, cd, usb stick or in person we can’t get enough. Our guest this week, is a multi talented music industry professional distributing his sound by any means necessary, live, in the studio or just chilling some beats with us on a Sundae. Let’s meet Alex Ward.

For almost a lifetime, Alex has honed his performance as a musician, engineer and most recently, label owner. A Jazz pianist initially, Alex has over 18 years experience behind the keys, and it is this solid musical grounding that has allowed him to flourish as a producer and performer. Alongside years of Audio Engineering study at the Conservatorium of Music, and the drive to develop his own label, Alex has positioned himself as a multitalented and energetic studio boss. His own projects have also kept him busy, with his five piece live outfit The Alex Ward Collective called upon to warm up for Meat Katie and John 00 Fleming, and an as yet untitled album project, carefully combining his dual interests of jazz and electronic music, in the mix as well.

In the club, Alex effortlessly floats between organic, soulful and jacking deep house, disco, and of course jazz, seeking to recreate the feeling caught in each individual record. Something of course we here at Sundae appreciate too. Join us this week as we follow Alex Ward through his musical influences. Alex will also be performing live on the keys, and of course Cool Hand Luke and Chantal holding things down for the Sundae faithful. We’ll see you in the sunshine.

Sundae 17/6/12 :: 11 Years of Cool Hand Luke

Around this time last year, we celebrated a massive milestone at the Sundae party. Cool Hand Luke had been spinning records each Sundae for ten years. And wouldn’t you know it, another year has passed. Eh Luke, what’s the count now?


See that, 11 years. 11 years of serving up the finest party vibe in the city each weekend. And he still keeps going. For those that haven’t yet met our party host, Cool Hand Luke, his enviable record collection and impeccable track selection have been dishing out tunes for many years at only the finest clubs in Brisbane, including Family, Barsoma, Press Club, Cloudland and more. Crossing deep house, disco, funk and soul, Cool Hand Luke lives up to his name, delivering record after record with the deft hand of professional in his element.

This week will see Cool Hand Luke under the spotlight and surrounded by the Sundae faithful to congratulate him on Brisbane’s longest running DJ residency. So come on down and be a part of it. Sundae djs will be dropping by all afternoon to drop a tune in here and there, and of course Chantal will be holding things down on the setup. Additionally, Bure, another well regarded Brisbane DJ, will be celebrating his birthday with a tracksuit party, so join in the fun with us as we enter our 12th year by the riverside. We’ll see you in the sunshine.

Sundae 24/6/12 :: Richard Shimmy

We cover a lot of ground at Sundae, owing to all the great music that we like, from vintage sounds to modern beats. Our guest this week Richard Shimmy has spent his life maintaining a careful appreciation of both, and each time he pops the lid on his record bag we are treated to an excursion through only the very best tunes. So let’s dive in and take a look.

Shimmy is one of the Brisbane British expats crew that dominated Brisbane house clubs in the later part of the last century. At Press Club and Family among many others, he was allowed the free reign to unleash his club sound at the peak time, and an equally fun and funky lounge set for the downtime. His attention to detail in the mix, although sometimes overshadowed by his impressive selection, has been honed over several decades in the booth, maintaining a cutting edge house sound in the club and becoming a firm favourite at local parties.

The first time Richard Shimmy came to party with us at Sundae, the faithful were blown away. His impressive northern soul set, mixed by hand, remains one of our most downloaded performances, a tribute not only to the timeless records Shimmy brought along for the day, but his loving care in presenting it to our people. A Shimmy party can set you in the right mood for the the rest of the week, and his return to Brisbane could see us travel through soul, funk, r’n’b, boogaloo and he gaurantees us an hour of the Soulful House sound he was famous for here for so many years. So get along, feel the vinyl warmth ward off the winter wind, and join us by the riverside. We’ll see you in the sunshine.