Sundae 4/11/12 :: Jeremy Broughton

So it is the time of year to spring clean your weekend and let Sundae add the sparkle to these perfect weekends of warm and lazy days that are now upon us. Although our guest this week has been keeping his head low of late, Jeremy Broughton is ready to roll his sleeves up too and mop the floor with some deep and groovy boogie house. Letโ€™s get busy with Jeremy.

One of Brisbaneโ€™s friendly imported expats, Jeremy Broughton first crossed the Tasman six years ago, and established himself with a steady string of dates between Family, Press Club, and Barsoma, and more recently, has been a popular spinner at The Met, and the newly reinvigorated Alhambra. In the meantime, his big room focus has given way to a more sophisticated deep and groovy house sound that has opened him up to a new circle of fans. Taking a step back from the scene too allowed him to focus on parties he is passionate about, and fortunately for us here that means he’s ready to throwdown!

Jeremy is a regular face around Sundae of an afternoon, and returns to the decks to add his own special blend of good cheer and atmosphere to our party. Down here at Sundae Jeremy favours eclectic and suitably sun drenched afternoon house jams, reaching all the way back, and delivered with his trademark good humour and undeniable technical skill.

So take the afternoon off and join Jeremy Broughton with us at Sundae. While away the day with trees in the park, ripples in the river, the sun setting on the Powerhouse and sweet club DJs. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 28/10/12 :: Hakan Henry

Sundae residents this week are on the way to the airport! – We’re going to see the arrival back at the party of our hosts Cool Hand Luke and Chantal, and from Istanbul in Turkey to our own little backyard this week we are joined by Hakan Henry. With this many fresh, tasty tunes on the way, it’s a wonder we’ll make it through customs!

You’ll see why when we take a look inside Hakan’s record bag. Telling a story all the way back to 1994 of huge developments taking place in the the Turkish dance music scene. Hakan has seen it first hand from his initial upbringing in his youth playing parties in his local community centre to managing the gyrations of thousands at clubs like Crystal, 11:11 and Maslak 2019. His list of known associates too shows some names we’ve come into contact with before. Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Fred Everything, Jt Donaldson, Raoul from Swirl People and Roy Ayers all took on parties set up by Hakan. Not content to manage proceedings in Istanbul, Hakan has had his passport stamped in clubs in New York, Chicago, London, Ibiza, Lucerne and Sofia.

We can’t wait! Sundae crew are fresh off their own journeys around Asia and bring back duty free grooves, laying the funky foundation for Hakan Henry’s first appearance at Sundae. And we will show him how we do, setting your afternoon up right from disco, boogie, funk and house, Sundae selections are about the best vibes for friendly people hanging out in the sunshine. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae 21/10/12 :: Anna Sonnenburg + Haiku

Last week we saw Mr Sparkles and Benn Hopkins sort the Sundae crowd out while Luke and Chantal are out of town, and this week they hand the keys over again for a different kind of groove from Anna Sonnenburg and Haiku. No strangers to the Sundae party either, the turntables are in good hands this week as take in the warm days from a fresh perspective.

Representing the academic section of the squad, these two cats have laid out intelligent club music in the best spots in the city for a dancefloor to go for a ride. Haiku is a new direction for Adrian Matyear, previously showing up in notorious establishments like Family, Press Club and Cloudland. Early, late, overnight the Haiku sound is deep, organic, chilled funky house, developed in part at Adrian’s long running Therapy experiment at Barsoma. A club which unsurprisingly shows up on Anna Sonnenburg’s rap sheet too. Anna has been operating the controls at Barsoma for a few years now, attached to both the Let’s Get Minimal and Therapy outfits, though hasn’t restricted herself to the Constance St underground, and has shown up on the roster at Zuri and Sky Room too. In fact Anna just set up for Ame up there, while our very own Cool Hand Luke will support Marshall Jefferson too in a few weeks.

This week the party is in good hands with Haiku and Anna Sonnenburg, drifting across deep soulful house to fresh lounge grooves and hip jazzy beats. Another take on the Spring soundtrack provided to you this week by more professional hands in the Sundae crew. We’re looking forward to taking care of your afternoon and we’ll see you by the riverside.

Sundae 14/10/12 :: Benn Hopkins + Mr Sparkle

So, Luke and Chantal are away- and Messrs Hopkins and Sparkles are here to play! This week finds us at the party sans our usual party providers, however the reins have been handed over to the members of the Sundae clan. With a strict warning of course to keep the party on track and play some funky tunes. So we introduce Benn Hopkins and Mr Sparkles, two pleasant chaps with the recipe for an afternoon of either chilling or illing, as you prefer.

Often seen lurking at the Sundae party, Benn is a qualified party starter and reliable hand across the early hours in the city’s clubs. Introducing international tourists each week at his Zuri parties doesn’t hurt his resume, and often sees him sorting out the logistics of getting the evening started at Barsoma, Laruche and so on. Mr Sparkles too has fashioned himself a corner in the city with his weekly showings in the Met’s Bamboom room. Some may remember him too from a little residency with our own Cool Hand Luke that occupied the attic of The Family for half a decade too, so you know Sparkles is along with what we’re doing down here.

Between the two, we have flavours for your afternoon from slow and groovy r’n’b jams to upbeat funky breaks and soulful deep house beats. Mr Sparkles and Benn Hopkins are experienced operators and both eager to take the Sundae party for a spin while our usual hosts are out of town. Join us this week in the park, in the sun. We’ll see you by the riverside.