Sundae 14/10/12 :: Benn Hopkins + Mr Sparkle

So, Luke and Chantal are away- and Messrs Hopkins and Sparkles are here to play! This week finds us at the party sans our usual party providers, however the reins have been handed over to the members of the Sundae clan. With a strict warning of course to keep the party on track and play some funky tunes. So we introduce Benn Hopkins and Mr Sparkles, two pleasant chaps with the recipe for an afternoon of either chilling or illing, as you prefer.

Often seen lurking at the Sundae party, Benn is a qualified party starter and reliable hand across the early hours in the city’s clubs. Introducing international tourists each week at his Zuri parties doesn’t hurt his resume, and often sees him sorting out the logistics of getting the evening started at Barsoma, Laruche and so on. Mr Sparkles too has fashioned himself a corner in the city with his weekly showings in the Met’s Bamboom room. Some may remember him too from a little residency with our own Cool Hand Luke that occupied the attic of The Family for half a decade too, so you know Sparkles is along with what we’re doing down here.

Between the two, we have flavours for your afternoon from slow and groovy r’n’b jams to upbeat funky breaks and soulful deep house beats. Mr Sparkles and Benn Hopkins are experienced operators and both eager to take the Sundae party for a spin while our usual hosts are out of town. Join us this week in the park, in the sun. We’ll see you by the riverside.


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