Sundae 28/10/12 :: Hakan Henry

Sundae residents this week are on the way to the airport! – We’re going to see the arrival back at the party of our hosts Cool Hand Luke and Chantal, and from Istanbul in Turkey to our own little backyard this week we are joined by Hakan Henry. With this many fresh, tasty tunes on the way, it’s a wonder we’ll make it through customs!

You’ll see why when we take a look inside Hakan’s record bag. Telling a story all the way back to 1994 of huge developments taking place in the the Turkish dance music scene. Hakan has seen it first hand from his initial upbringing in his youth playing parties in his local community centre to managing the gyrations of thousands at clubs like Crystal, 11:11 and Maslak 2019. His list of known associates too shows some names we’ve come into contact with before. Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Fred Everything, Jt Donaldson, Raoul from Swirl People and Roy Ayers all took on parties set up by Hakan. Not content to manage proceedings in Istanbul, Hakan has had his passport stamped in clubs in New York, Chicago, London, Ibiza, Lucerne and Sofia.

We can’t wait! Sundae crew are fresh off their own journeys around Asia and bring back duty free grooves, laying the funky foundation for Hakan Henry’s first appearance at Sundae. And we will show him how we do, setting your afternoon up right from disco, boogie, funk and house, Sundae selections are about the best vibes for friendly people hanging out in the sunshine. We’ll see you by the riverside.


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