Sundae 2/12/12 :: Marcus Knight

Well Sundae faithful, we are in primetime now! Officially the first Sundae party of the Summer, we give a warm welcome to Marcus Knight from Melbourne and you know we’ve been hanging out for these days all year so you can expect the heat to be turned up and the tunes to be thrown down.

Heavily influenced in his youth by the r+b and hip hop sounds coming out of the US, Marcus would later find many of these influences reappear again in his later work, providing a great counterpoint for his new love of house music. Once firmly entrenched in the sound, Marcus set about making moves in each of the disciplines of production, remixing, djing and later, managing his own label Generation. Along the way, he found himself in the company of names like Stacy Kidd, Ron Carroll, Armand van Helden, Lenny Fontana and more. Based out of Melbourne and now on his second visit to the Sundae party, Marcus brings bags of experience and flavours of soul, rap and r+b vocals, delivered over a funky four beat. Soulful selections in the summer sun from Marcus Knight and of course Cool Hand Luke and Chantal laying out the afternoon like a picnic blanket.

Summer in Brisbane is serious business and we’re going to take full advantage. Beat the summer heat by the river with your friends, wear your sunscreen, and come and chill out with us. We’re playing tunes all afternoon to set the soundtrack to your long summer days. We’ll see you in the sunshine.


Sundae 25/11/12 :: Ra + Butterz [Subzilla]

Ra & Butterz AKA Subzilla have been doing great things of late on the world stage. At Sundae we love hearing our hometown boyz are making their mark and look forward to hearing the riverside afternoon version of a sound they have made their own.

Blending the creamiest of Breakbeat, HipHop, House, Electro, Funk, Disco, TripHop, Drum’n’Bass and basically anything wobbly they can get his hands on, Ra & Butterz have been making unsuspecting clubbers and party goers loose their boogie juice all over the dancefloor for over ten years.
They’ve had the opportunity to play some of Australias best festivals (Parklife, Stereosonic, Good Vibrations, BBQ Breaks & BlahBlahBlah) and have proven themselves to be two of brisbanes hardest working Dj’s, successfully holding down solid sets in basically every one of Brisbane’s best nightclubs!. So if you like your beats phat, funky and most importantly wobbly… Come and get your boogie down to Subzilla…


Sundae 18/11/12 :: Gustavo + Cubanito


Every now and then here at Sundae, we like to throw open the party to some outside influence, we get some of the ‘right people’ involved and put on a little social that takes everyone to another place. This time we’re headed to Cuba and the Caribbean, and if you remember back to our Brazilian Carnivale or our huge New Year’s Eve last year in a similar theme, we are putting it together right with some special guests to join the fray.

Coming at us this week is our close associate Gustavo on percussion and a new appearance at Sundae, DJ Cubanito, alongside Cool Hand Luke and Chantal. Cubanito takes his name from the island of his birth and although he calls Brisbane home now, he has maintained a solid supply line with the mother country. Steadily importing a collection of the region’s finest musical contraband, Cubanito distributes the tunes personally at venues like Alhambra, Cloudland and for special events at QPAC, fresh from the Havana airport.

Many of the party faithful will recognize Gustavo, he has joined us before at the party bringing primal energy and an incessant groove. Not only Sundae, Gustavo has collaborated with us at many swell parties at Barsoma, Family and Cloudland. An innate understanding of the internal human rhythm allowing him to play with the party and drive it along at a nice clip.

Down here at the party, we’re pretty easy to sway if the right groove comes along, and this one is irresistable. Of course the Sundae residents are well travelled in search of cool sounds from around the world so you know this is going to be downright proper. Our passports are falling apart at the seams so our Cuban Fiesta party will save us some legwork, and we can put that effort into getting our groove on this Sundae. Join us with tunes of all different latin flavours, brought to you by professional tune smugglers in the know. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae 11/11/12 :: Cosmo Cater

In Brisbane, it is difficult to pass by a weekend without hearing something about our guest for this week. Since the beginning of dance music time, Cosmo has been at the forefront of our industry, supporting, developing and just generally lapping up the music culture in this fair city.

Cosmo is one of the steadiest hands in Brisbane: Famous DJ standing next to him, thousands upon thousands of people losing their minds in front of him, and yet he is the very model of cool, calm and collected. This prowess has been displayed fairly much everywhere there are turntables- Family, Barsoma, Empire, Birdees, and almost every festival someone has tried to sell you a ticket to- heโ€™s played with a finesse that has made him the go to man for international warmup duties. Cosmo’s extreme attention to detail and ability to get the job done at the business end of the night has found him on speed dial for promoters bringing out the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, James Lavelle and more. His presence in the booth enough to make even the headliner more than a little nervous.

Down here at Sundae, Cosmo has become a party favourite, showing both the depth of his record collection and his ability to handle any gathering of party people, night or day. You can expect an ear catching deep dubby disco house set that will put you in a great mood for the rest of the week. Be sure not to miss him when he joins the party this Sundae. See you in the sunshine..