Sundae 3/2/13 :: Ben Reeves

Benjamin Reeve is man of many artistic skills of which the musical side of his talent we have thought to showcase at Sundae at Watt for a long time. Thankfully we finally manage to book him on the eve of his departure south, so this Sundae is both a debut for Benjamin at Sundae and a farewell. Even if you don’t know Ben personally, his expert street art would have caught your attention throughout venues and installations Brisbane wide.

Having collected vinyl records fanatically from a very young age, Benjamin started djing at Sunny Side Up before starting his own club night La Concha playing jazz, funk, soul, latin, boogie and hip hop. After decades of residencies and international stints, he is packing up his sound and his backpack of spray paint and moving southward. What to expect: 100% feel-good vinyl platters specially selected to enhance your Sundae.


Sundae 27/1/13 :: Anthonne Boogie

Anthonne has long been a supporter of Sundae, though more accurately, he is a great supporter of the soulful, funky and deep strains of house. After pushing his record bag all up and down the coast each week, at places like Rolling Rock, Flamingo, and Wharf Tavern on the Sunshine coast, and the Elephant + Wheelbarrow in Brisbane, he can often be found soaking up tunes with us on a Sundae.

It is this unstoppable enthusiasm that pleases us so much. A lifetime dedication to this movement we call house, that shows itself through great tune selection, tight mixing and additional live elements that is delivered with genuine presence and ensures big smiles all around. Indeed, the last time Anthonne played for us at Sundae we were treated to an experienced hand at the decks dishing out tune after funky tune that kept us moving late into the evening.

Join us this Sundae as we welcome back Anthonne Shepherd, and shake off the winter chill in the fabulous surrounds of New Farm Park, and the warm company of all your friends. See you by the riverside.