Sundae 3/3/13 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Weather or not the air is clear, it’s about time we throw some records down in here. Down here at the party, you know we have a keen ear for all the fantastic new tunes that come out each week, but we also like to show tribute to fantastic recordings with our regular Vinyl Throwdown daes. Now something of an institution, our Vinyl Throwdown events attract the city, and the country’s best DJs vying for a spot to show off the record collections.

This month get ready to boogie as Sundae hosts Chantal, Cool Hand Luke and Guests cross soul, funk, rare grooves and deep, soulful house, and along the way displaying just why Sundae is arguably Brisbane’s favourite place to turn up, tune in, chill out.

Our Vinyl Throwdown day is a chance for everyone to hear some classic wax dropped right where you need it- riverside hanging out with your friends. Come and join us this week as we catch another super session of jawdropping tunespotting. We’ll see you in the sunshine!


Sundae 24/2/13 :: Mr Sparkle

No stranger to our party, our guest this week Mr Sparkle has been a long time supporter of Sundae, and a close friend of the crew. Indeed, the halcyon days of Brisbane’s own superclub Family were built around the long and prosperous Saturday night partnership with our very own Cool Hand Luke that lasted for many years. For those who don’t know, let’s help you get acquainted..

One of Brisbane’s hardest working party starters, engineering all manner of social interaction in rooms big and small, DJ Mr Sparkle seeks to create a convivial atmosphere through funky, soulful goodness and big beats to tease out big smiles and feed sweaty dance floors. Taking on any party situation, Sparkles’ backs himself with a lifetime of interaction with music, calling on influences such as a music teaching mum, early years of soul and funk immersion and roller skating discos, through to the Manchester sounds of the 90′s, acid jazz and old school hip hop. All the while incubating an interest in the emerging rave, house and club sounds of the time.

For over ten years, Sparkles has been a mainstay at the best of Brisbane’s club rotations, taking on The Met, The Family, Press Club, The Wickham, Uber, GPO, Main Squeeze, Monastery and Jorge amongst many others. In the warmer months, Sparkles fills his days with outings such as Summerfieldayze, BBQ Breaks, Future Music Festival, Parklife and the like and performs under various guises, including Dubs… Down Under Beatmasters- his live collective, performing at Byblos Portside.

Mr Sparkle is without a doubt an unstoppable party force always bent on shenanigans, and carries a weekend stamina that would put most of the younger generation of DJs to shame, so we can expect the fun to continue through the afternoon and well into the night. Join us this Sundae with as we carry on in proper form with fine quality afternoon selections. See you by the riverside.

Sundae 17/2/13 :: Sol Vibes

Devoting more than two decades to the art and spreading the sweet soulful sound on both sides of the planet, our guest this week has stayed the course with a devotion to the art that is quite frankly impressive, so let’s not stand on ceremony and introduce to you Sol Vibes.

Born and raised in the hectic Long Island area of New York, Sol Vibes was inducted into the craft by a neighbourhood that was intent on pushing the limits of house, hip hop and techno. In his formative years, he joined the ranks of the New York crews merging music and movement at a time when building their own equipment was the norm. From the earliest beginnings of what is now a modern dance culture, when record was the only input and tape the only output, Sol Vibes added his flavour the emerging scene working both the recording and party scenes, developing the street sound with local MCs, DJs and producers. Quite literally underground, he preferred to play basement parties that ran a high risk of having the door kicked in at any moment before being noticed by the club scene and adding to the Big Apple’s fresh flavour.

Tracing a route that is familiar to many of our expat DJs, upon meeting a cute Australian, he uprooted and brought the business to our shores. Now matured and refined, he still retains the grittiness of his former home, with a more experienced outlook and of course the record collection of a DJ with a lifelong addiction. Pushing a sound that draws from hip hop, soul, funk and house, and presented with a positivity that is positively infectious, Sol Vibes has all the ingredients to make our little party pop.

From basement crates to spinning sunny outdoor plates, our guest this week has put the moves on dancers here and in the US, and now arrives at Sundae for the first time to show us what’s up, and we’re happy to have him. We’ve been told the ‘Sol’ in Sol Vibes stands for ‘Sounds of Life’ and we don’t doubt it. Join us this week as welcome him to our party

Sundae 24/4/13 :: DJ Spinna [USA] @ Bacchus

Sundae International is the latest Sundae creation that draws on Sundae’s global network to deliver the very best international artist to Brisbane. The first international act to grace Sundae International is DJ Spinna who comes direct from NYC.

Tickets $18.50 (booking fee included)

DJ Spinna
In a world of fleeting talent and fly by nighters, DJ Spinna is a rare and precious commodity. Truly a musician at heart, DJ Spinna doesn’t care much for genres or labels, but takes great pains to deliver productions of the highest quality. Appealing to the Jazz-cats, House heads and the Hip hop homies, Spinna is a world class musician and DJ that has dominated record store racks and production credits, whilst maintaining true to form, producing only the finest original music of recent times. Indeed many an upcoming artist has been measured on their access to a DJ Spinna remix for their release, while his own productions a tucked neatly away at the back of record bags ready for easy access when the right time on the dancefloor shows itself.

The early 90s hip hop scene in New York was the proving ground for the young selector, honing his production abilities on recordings for J Live, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Pharaohe Monch. It didn’t take long for the big labels to notice and he was soon added to the remix roster by the likes of De La Soul, Gangstarr and Brand Nubian. As his business card was handed around, Spinna was allowed more creative freedom and free from genre restrictions, began pumping out solid quality releases. His own tracks, particular on his labels BBE and Wonderwax for his more soulful tracks, quickly became collectibles, meanwhile everyone from Mary J Blige to Michael Jackson were lining up for remixes.

Spreading out from the US, music fans all around the world have taken note of his trademark style and welcomed his sound. Having toured where most others won’t comes down mostly to him producing music others don’t. Fans all around the world, whether in it for the hip hop, electronica, soul, jazz or house, appreciate the genuine love for the beat that Spinna brings to the club. And if that club is in Iceland, Brazil, South Africa, Japan or any of the other stamps in his passport, the more the better for spreading his positive vibe and party creations. Leading name DJs of our era hold him in high regard too, and he often shares the stage with the likes of Bugz in the Attic, Osunlade, Joe Claussell, Jazzanova, Kenny Dope, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.

DJ Spinna arrives in Australia with a fresh album packed away and ready for release, bags of original productions busting out his record bag, and a trademark style that will greet you at the door as soon as you step in the club. Be there on Sunday 24th of February when DJ Spinna brings all that funky business up in Brisbane’s finest new addition, Bacchus. Joined by Coolhand Luke and Benn Hopkins, Spinna will be supported by the great Brisbane climate, fantastic venue, Sundae International network bringing the talent, and prime party people for a party that will be jumping all the way into the following week. We’ll see you in the sunshine.

Tickets $18.50 (booking fee included)


Sundae 10/2/13 :: DJ Slynk

Our last event was another epic success of the ongoing social experiment called Sundae Brisbane. Sun was shining and post possible flooding relief was expressed in riverside revelry. Talking about weather, our guest this week, Slynk, will be happy to absorb as much Sundae sun as possible as he starts his Canadian tour in a couple weeks in full Northern hemisphere winter. Ouch !

One of Brisbane’s well respected party movers, Slynk has proven his programing and turntablist skills throwing down at venues all over town, and with a confidence of a seasoned veteran, supported regarded international acts Roots Manuva, De La Soul, Amp Fiddler, Fort Knox Five and A Skillz as a matter of course.

Establishing himself as a player in his own right, Slynk consistently drops his own cuts on labels such as Manmade, Goodgroove, and Jalapeno, before jetting off overseas to showcase his developing sound to an eager international audience. Slynk’s arrival as a unique and skilled producer and DJ was confirmed when his debut record was named Juno’s Breakbeat tune of 2009. The Slynk story continues to grow so stay tuned
Slynk is back for his secound round at the Sundae decks and he promises a set specially tuned to afternnons by the river. So, join the Sundae and Slynk this Sunday at Watt.

See you by the riverside.