Sundae 3/3/13 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Weather or not the air is clear, it’s about time we throw some records down in here. Down here at the party, you know we have a keen ear for all the fantastic new tunes that come out each week, but we also like to show tribute to fantastic recordings with our regular Vinyl Throwdown daes. Now something of an institution, our Vinyl Throwdown events attract the city, and the country’s best DJs vying for a spot to show off the record collections.

This month get ready to boogie as Sundae hosts Chantal, Cool Hand Luke and Guests cross soul, funk, rare grooves and deep, soulful house, and along the way displaying just why Sundae is arguably Brisbane’s favourite place to turn up, tune in, chill out.

Our Vinyl Throwdown day is a chance for everyone to hear some classic wax dropped right where you need it- riverside hanging out with your friends. Come and join us this week as we catch another super session of jawdropping tunespotting. We’ll see you in the sunshine!


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