Sundae 2/6/13 :: Phil Perry [UK]

Recently at Sundae we were visited upon by Phil Perry, a UK expat and part of a growing crowd of travelling DJs drawn to the pleasing climate and laid back house sound we’ve got going on around here. We did a little digging into what he had going on and found Phil definitely had the resume to spin at our tables. In fact, some of the world’s best DJs have fought for a chance to spin at his tables, his club Full Circle is regarded by DJs such as Ralph Lawson, Jo Mills, Clive Henry and more as one of their favourite places to play. Of course, after one visit to Sundae we were throwing tracks back and forth like old pals, and his tunes were doing the business for the Sundae faithful, so we’ve invited him back to kick it with us again.

First dropping a needle in 1977, Phil was part of a generation of DJs that laid the groundwork for the superclub era that would appear near the end of the century. Mixing it with Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Todd Terry, Robert Owens and other early DJs moving and shaking UK nightclubs into a new era with wild mix of disco, soul, funk and an emerging house beat. Reaching out to the US, Ibiza, South Africa, and Australia, Phil has spun for party people from Twilo and Soundfactory in New York to an early Sydney visit to 25000 dancers at Darling Harbour in 1991, before returning home to play tour DJ for Leftfield, Massive Attack and Faithless. All while maintaining homebase at regarded venues Ministry of Sound and Full Circle. Full Circle began with the do-it-yourself attitude of the time and grew into an intense display of debauchery and shenanigans that sustained the UK through the early 90s. Nowadays, Full Circle is but a memory, however Phil still brings the good times, with a bag stacked with the ‘right stuff.’

We’re pleased to see a new face down here at Sundae speaking the international language and throwing down some tunes. His first session with us was a great display by an experienced DJ, and a good time was had by all. We’ve invited him back to go another round and we’re setting course for a warm and groovy vibe trading afternoon tunes and of course hanging out with you all. Join us with Phil Perry this week, come and see us in the sunshine.

Sundae 19/5/13 :: Jason Rouse

Our guest this week at Sundae will be immediately recognizable to many, he has been helping us out for years, bringing the good times and good tunes. So experienced and influential in Brisbane is Jason Rouse, he has spawned his own brand of chuggy soulful deep bump and grind known locally as ‘Rouse House.’ For those that don’t know, let us help you get acquainted.

Jason is an experienced hand in Brisbane clubs, so much so that he’s watched a whole new generation of DJs develop in the nightlife scene that he helped establish. His continuing enthusiasm for playing the right tune, at the right time, for the best parties, sees him continue to throw down each week at Zuri and The Met, to appreciative crowds that can’t get enough of his impeccable tune selection and soulful swagger.

Out here in the daylight, Rousey shines at our little party. His endurance and keen ear ensure that both he and the party make it to the end of the weekend in good spirits. And this weekend will be a real test, as friends and family join him to kick off the opening ceremony of his week long birthday celebration. That said, Rousey knows our spot inside out, so when you see him roll up with his record bag, grab yourself a drink, stretch your toes, and get ready to get down, as Sundae’s very own ‘boogie-man’ is in town. See you in the sunshine.