Sundae 30/6/13 :: Adam Swain

A passionate collector, dedicated clubber, and talented mixer with a basement cache sound of evocative deep house, disco and downbeat grooves, Adam Swain has had a tremendous few years educating Brisbane clubbers on the sounds from down below. Swain’s history sits deep in jazz, hip hop, soul, techno and deep house influences, and his productions have developed a left of centre downbeat groove that neatly occupies a distinct corner of electronica and house production coming out of Brisbane at the moment.

Solid productions under his belt, tidy mixing and an inspired appreciation of house music saw him regularly rotate around all the right parties, not to mention launching his own outfit Deeparture into the fray, causing a rethink on where a proper little dancefloor can be situated. Copromoting the Subtrakt night alongside Rikki Newton, launching a label, Buxton Records, and appearances in Hong Kong and Thailand have all kept Swain busy, though we’ve locked him down to return to the place where he won Sundae’s DJ competition a little while back.

Swain is deep in the pocket of Brisbane’s house eclectic. A unique sound and genuine excitement on every approach to the decks, he is a class DJ with a firm hand on the mixer and a deep groove in the club. No doubt we are in for an exciting afternoon soaking up the business, so please join us by the river. We’ll see you in the sunshine..

Sundae 23/6/13 :: DJ Slynk (is moving to Canada)

Just like the ice cream, Sundae has 31 flavours and more, and this is what keeps us all coming back for seconds. Of course, that sweet delicious house and disco groove is what we like, but different flavours for different ravers, so we try to mix it up. This week we turn our attention to the wicked tastes of local confectioner DJ Slynk and his trademark combination of boogie breakbeat. If anything this would be a ‘butterscotch brittle’ kind of day at Sundae with chunks of funk laid between the creamy goodness.

Slynk has proven his programing and turntablist skills throwing down at venues all over town, and with a confidence of a seasoned veteran, supported regarded international acts Roots Manuva, De La Soul, Amp Fiddler, Fort Knox Five and A Skillz as a matter of course. Establishing himself as a player in his own right, Slynk consistently drops his own cuts on labels such as Manmade, Goodgroove, and Jalapeno, before jetting off overseas to showcase his developing sound to an eager international audience. Slynk’s arrival as a unique and skilled producer and DJ was confirmed when his debut record was named Juno’s Breakbeat tune of 2009. The Slynk story continues to grow so stay tuned.

Sadly, this will be the last visit to Sundae for Slynk in a little while. He’s moving to Canada! The whole place is one giant freezer so of course he’s going to heat it up with some warm caramel. Slynk’s previous visits to Sundae have all been outstanding displays so don’t miss your chance to see one of Brisbane’s finest before he jets off. We’ll see you in the sunshine.