Sundae 9/6/13 :: 12 Years of DJs at Watt!

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far… nevermind you know the bit. Some DJs started spinning records on a Sunday by the river. No big deal, until you guys showed up! One of the most pleasing things about coming down to the party each week is seeing all the fresh friendly people and hanging out with you all, and it is this overwhelming support that has seen us keeping coming back for twelve years now! That’s one full trip around the zodiac, and we’ve been blessed with good luck the whole way.

First putting needle to record in 2001, DJs on a Sunday at Watt have become an institution in the Brisbane scene, outlasting fashions and fads to bring you fresh tunes and vintage jams to soundtrack the end of your weekend in the great Queensland climate. Over that time, we’ve seen young uns, not so young uns, international spinners and locals alike take control of the wheels of steel, and later the buttons that beep and boop, to bring you one of Brisbane’s favourite parties each week.

With one foot firmly planted in the past, and the other running out the door into future sounds, the Sunday sound is centred around a great group of DJs, with bags of experience and a great selection of fine tunes crossing disco, funk, soul, house, boogie, hip hop and more, from the golden age of recording through to the do-it-yourself, forward thinking tech age. At the centre of this mess each week has been regarded local fixture DJ Cool Hand Luke, along with various accomplices including support from the international Sundae network, and some of Brisbane, and the world’s finest performers and promoters, and of course Luke’s partner in crime and effervescent cohost Chantal.

This week sees a celebration of all the things that make Sundays at Watt great: a great climate (and total disregard on the rare occasion it isn’t), great locale in the park, under the eaves of the majestic Brisbane Powerhouse, and the finest tunes bleeding out speakers anywhere in the city. We will be visited upon by some of our closest as Mark Briais, Scott Walker and Haiku drop by to throw a few in the mix. Each has decades of experience in Brisbane clubs and the keen ears requred to deliver the sublime sounds to round out your weekend. Join us this week as we celebrate 12 years here by the river, chilling in the sunshine!

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