Sundae 4/8/13 :: Scott Walker + Willi Costa

The message on the wire from Cool Hand Luke and Chantal is that they’ve arrived at the safe house in Ibiza Town and have set up there temporarily. Their ‘Carmen Sandiego’ trip that they’ve got going on there is coming along nicely and we will no doubt hear more about their adventures soon.

Meanwhile, back at Sundae Brisbane, we’ve got things humming, this week under the careful guidance of two of Brisbane’s finest DJs in Willi Costa and Scott Walker. Laying it out on the turntables only we are having a good old fashioned Sundae Vinyl Throwdown. But first we’re going to check in and see what we’re in for.

Willi Costa is an underground hero in Brisbane, managing proceedings in Uncle at Family, Press Club, and of course, his appearances here at Sundae with cool deep house, disco and his notorious casual charm. Just Willi’s presence at a party is enough to make it ‘historically memorable’ so we will be looking forward to having Willi back at the controls.

Scott Walker is known to many of us here too as a professional man about town, personally tending to gatherings with Auditree, Drop, Empire, Family and Barsoma and so on with suitable flair and untouchable track selection. The man likes to get down with the chilled out sound too so we can expect some fine hip hop, funk, boogie and what not to get everyone swaying.

With Scott Walker and Willi Costa supervising each other- what could go wrong? I can’t believe we left the keys with these characters. In summary, the party is in good hands, we think, and a cool heap of chilled out funky business is coming your way. All on wax for our Vinyl Throwdown. Great stuff. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 21/7/13 :: Residents Day

We’ve been enjoying these unseasonal warm days in the week, though we’re not sticking around to see if it gets cooler again – the Sundae crew are hitting the road to join the crazy European summer checking out Croatia and Ibiza before dropping by Cambodia as Cool Hand Luke and Chantal take the Sundae vibe to the world, but before we go we’re taking this last chance to throwdown some quality.

This week we have a special tribute planned before we set off, and we are going on a deep and funky trip through the catalogue of sophisticated California based house label Seasons Recordings. Pressing their first wax in 1998 under the moniker ‘Earthtones’ the label took the name ‘Seasons’ in 2000 and set about releasing some of the finest groovy deep house of the period. Featuring artists such as Brett Johsnon, Jt Donaldson, Lance Desardi, 2nd Shift, Iz + Diz, and Natural Rhythm in their corner, Seasons is a fine example of a close knit group of producers releasing a quality body of work. When we heard they were clearing out their warehouse, some members of the Sundae family got in on the action, collecting a fresh smelling box of records and cd’s from the mail and now we are serving them up on the turntables for you.

With so much quality music to sort through it will be hard to pick just a few tunes to play, but Cool Hand Luke & Chantal will do their best to get deep into those boxes and check out some Seasons tunes we love and some that have maybe been overlooked. We will be joined by Haiku and more to choose a few tunes too so join us by the riverside.

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Sundae 14/7/13 :: Matt Kitshon

At Sundae, we are pretty lucky to be involved in such a great city for dance music. Brisbane has such a great depth of talent, and a creative do-it-yourself attitude that has built a tidy little club scene of various flavours. Right at the beginning of the post-Joh nightclub domination of our city was our guest for this week, intent on driving the development of dance culture, and in the midst of it, cementing his position as one of the city’s finest tastemakers. Let’s get to know Matt Kitshon.

Before any of the fancy promo outfits and paparazzi style photographers arrived on the scene, a night out in Brisbane was a sordid affair. Fighting for any space that could contain turntables and a sound system, Matt was part of a select group of early pioneers that would introduce Brisbane to the modern clubbing experience. From revered venues like The Tube, and Viva, and the original incarnations of the Port Office and Monastery, Matt delivered his latest musical discoveries each week to a growing community of dancers eager to lap up the new sounds being unveiled in front of them. As the Valley was cleaned up, and Brisbane’s nightlife scene blossomed, Matt continued to maintain at the forefront, leading a growing consort of DJs with his experienced selection and impeccable style.

Always keen to develop a burgeoning young scene with his thoughtful contribution, Matt brought his considerable experience to China, amongst other international destinations, in order to grow the scene there. Upon his arrival back in Brisbane, he wasted little time re-establishing himself at the top of the game with residencies at The Met and more recently Zuri, amongst guest spots all around town that required his learned touch.

Although operating at high frequency each weekend, Matt’s visit to Sundae will take the pressure down a notch or two. His sound likely punctuated with deep, Balearic and soulful cuts, and delivered in the fine fashion of a master craftsman thoroughly enjoying his work. Join us this Sundae as we take in the sound of a DJ that knows Brisbane inside out. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 7/7/13 :: Clint Hargreaves [Melbourne]

Around the Sundae crew we have friends near and dear and friends far but not forgotten, and every return to the fold is a special kind of afternoon for both our tune selectors and our party people. This week we are visited upon by Clint Hargreaves, once a regular fixture in the Brisbane scene, he has been in the wind so to speak so we tracked down what he has been up to.

Previously in Queensland, Clint held regarded residencies at Empire and Moonbar, while managing a roster that saw him grace the decks at notorious nightspots including Family, Monastery and Press Club in Brisbane and Elsewhere, Mybar, Berlin Bar and Baja on the coast. Amongst all these engagements to run his own night, Horny to deliver his personal favourites. On his return to Melbourne several years ago, he wasted no time filling up his calendar there too with tidy displays at Honkytonks, onesixone, Seven, Q Bar and La Di Da. Sydney received a visit too as he dropped by Chinese Laundry. So you can see, Clint has been busy about the place, though we managed to lock him down to spin for us this Sundae!

Although clearly Clint has been running at the forefront, he has the vintage gear on lock as well, and we’ve been told to expect a smooth mix of the finest house, disco, hip hop, funk and whatnot which is right up our alley. You know we’ve got all the other elements in place too: drinks will be flowing, tunes spinning and party people in effect so get amongst it. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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