Sundae 1/9/13 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Officially this week is the beginning of Spring, but we haven’t a care. We’ve been all about this great weather we’ve been having for a while now, and each Sundae we set off to the party ready to throw down some tunes and shake away in the beautiful afternoons. This week we return to our vinyl throwdown series to bring the warmth and crackle to the party, and are joined by a close friend of the party Chris Wilson to add to fray. Once we put the needle down, then we’ll just hit that groove all day.

Our guest, Chris Wilson was responsible for maintaining the Family and Empire outfit for many years. Tthe Sundae crew, and many of our guests, have performed in the turntable friendly territory of Chris’s booths, so we’ve got an experienced hand throwing down with us this week indeed. Of course, on it’s way is a generous helping of deep house, world grooves, funk, disco and other bits to make the people sway. Don’t forget too, it is Father’s day coming up so bring out your family and we can get everyone involved.

Each record that is cut contains the tune within in one long groove, and that is a perfect way to describe an afternoon with us here at Sundae. So get down, reserve some real estate for you and your friends early, and we can all soak up the funky afternoon groove of DJs Chris Wilson, Cool Hand Luke and Chantal. As always presented at Watt in the Powerhouse Complex in the surreal surrounds of Brisbane’s inner city New Farm Park. Join us this Sundae, we’ll see you by the riverside.

Sundae 25/8/13 :: Cool Hand Luke + Chantal

Ok guys we’re stepping up the pace this week. After a whirlwind tour of Europe and South Asia, our friendly hosts Cool Hand Luke and Chantal have landed safely back in Australia, and are heading straight for the decks at Sundae.

Packed to the brim with travel tales and moving music, the two flew to Croatia for the Suncebeat festival, an event that will likely feature in their calender again in the future, before hitting Ibiza where they played for the cream of the German Ballet then to Cambodia and surrounds to bust out everything from funk, soul and disco to main room mayhem. For all the quality tunes they laid out on the run, they picked up a few to bring back home to our party. Certainly, DJs don’t travel without leaving a little room in their luggage to pick up a few choice bits along the way.

Of course, these little sojourns have become an important part of the year for Chantal and Luke as they soak up great new music and return to the party refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to rumble alongside the river. The classic Sundae Sound has been honed over more than 12 years by these two cats, so we will be looking forward to hearing quality disco, house, funk, soul, boogie and world grooves.

Join us this week as we welcome back our intrepid travellers, Cool Hand Luke and Chantal, fresh with stories and sounds from lands far away, but ready to resume their dominance of Brisbane with one of the city’s longest running parties. Come along and be a part of it! We’ll see you by the riverside.

Sundae 18/8/13 :: Brazen + Mr Gaunt

sundae130818 banner brazen + gaunt

Spring has sprung early this year, but we don’t mind one bit. These warm days have been bringing friends and family out to enjoy the great Brisbane climate and these last few weeks at Sundae have been packed. Word from Interpol is that our intrepid heroes, Cool Hand Luke and Chantal are on the run, and have left Europe before resurfacing in Cambodia for an appearance at former Brisbanite Lady Bluesabelle’s funky night there.

Back at home, and we have all you fine people covered in the funk department with our guests this week backing the funk truck up to deliver a consignment of beats and breaks that tick all the boxes. Our illicit cargo in this instance belonging to interstellar beat smugglers Brazen and Mr Gaunt.

Long time supporters of the Sundae party, Brazen + Mr Gaunt’s regular appearances at our party have become a natural progression of their sound. As they’ve matured as artists, they’ve allowed their funk, garage, soul and early breakbeat influences to shine through, though delivered with the same intensity that they have come to be known for at spots like Moonbar and Family.

Highly regarded for their forward thinking club breaks and peak time cuts, the boys dominated the Empire for a time with slick delivery and high intensity performance. Outside the usual club circuit though, and the two have developed in fine style a musicality that is appreciated by dancers from all walks. Each appearance at Sundae has produced an inviting mix of classic recordings, experimental rhythms and feel good fun.
Cool Hand Luke and Chantal are due to arrive back home in the near future, though we can be assured that the party is in good hands this week with Brazen and Mr Gaunt, so come and soak up the sounds in the sunshine. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae130818 brazen + gaunt

Sundae 11/8/13 :: Anthonne Boogie

Again this week Chantal and Cool Hand Luke are continuing their ride on the merry-go-round that is Europe and we hope they are having themselves a cool time. In other business, the Sundae Brisbane party doesn’t rest, indeed we have a special guest this week taking the controls and going for a nice cruise with you on the Sundae wheels, and we are in good hands.

Anthonne Boogie Shepherd has brought a long and storied career to a close, announcing his retirement from DJing after a 26 year weekend of sorting out the business of party people in the building with a funky tune selection, tight mixing and additional live elements all to achieve the perfect boogie in each location.

Anthonne’s support of Sundae is noted too, and he regularly joins us here at the party to dish out tune after funky tune to keep us moving late into the evening. Anthonne is a professional operator and we hope he will continue to visit in and play some music again for us in the future. This week though we will enjoy getting down in Anthonne’s town as we lend him the Sundae party for a little trip through his record bag.

Anthonne Shepherd has the party sorted this week for folks heading down into the park amongst these great warm days we’ve been having so join us by the riverside.

sundae130811 anthonne bio 01