Sundae 11/8/13 :: Anthonne Boogie

Again this week Chantal and Cool Hand Luke are continuing their ride on the merry-go-round that is Europe and we hope they are having themselves a cool time. In other business, the Sundae Brisbane party doesn’t rest, indeed we have a special guest this week taking the controls and going for a nice cruise with you on the Sundae wheels, and we are in good hands.

Anthonne Boogie Shepherd has brought a long and storied career to a close, announcing his retirement from DJing after a 26 year weekend of sorting out the business of party people in the building with a funky tune selection, tight mixing and additional live elements all to achieve the perfect boogie in each location.

Anthonne’s support of Sundae is noted too, and he regularly joins us here at the party to dish out tune after funky tune to keep us moving late into the evening. Anthonne is a professional operator and we hope he will continue to visit in and play some music again for us in the future. This week though we will enjoy getting down in Anthonne’s town as we lend him the Sundae party for a little trip through his record bag.

Anthonne Shepherd has the party sorted this week for folks heading down into the park amongst these great warm days we’ve been having so join us by the riverside.

sundae130811 anthonne bio 01


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