Sundae 6/10/13 :: Willi Costa + Haiku

We are in the thick of it now! The great Brisbane spring is well and truly in full swing and the Sundae faithful have not been wasting the days with lots of you beautiful party people out in force each week. This week though we are absent our hosts Chantal and Cool Hand Luke while they rock out in Cambodia. Don’t fret, they’ll be back next week. In the meantime local hoodlums Willi Costa and Haiku have staged a coup d’etat of the Sundae turntables for a weekend of boogie beats in the hot hot heat.

The two first came to mainstream attention in Brisbane as members of the highly organised Uncle outfit that occupied the top level of Family. Each Saturday saw an almost cultlike following drawn to the venue’s infamous Pod room to get frisky in the high pressure environment that pushed DJs to the limit and drove dancers wild. Fresh house and techno music, laid on a foundation of only the finest selections collected on vinyl that could do the business in every party environment, big room or small. Willi came from a background of disco, rave, post punk, boogie and northern soul, while Haiku had grown up with hip hop, bossa, big band swing, lounge and jazz. While both grew into fine house and techno DJs in the club, we are hoping to get a look inside their private collections of afterhours beats when they take over this week.

We’ve been told to expect a wide range of grooves, from the aforementioned areas to Vegas lounge, cinema soundtracks, muzak and a tiny taste of psychadelia with a few fun bits thrown in between. All keeping to the constant Sundae groove, but with the cheekiness that only these two could get away with. Last time we left the keys with these characters a great day was had by all so we know the party is in good hands. Join Willi Costa and Haiku as they take the controls at Sundae, we’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 29/9/13 :: DJ Katch

Around these parts, we have a few friendly faces that keep us motivated to show up each week and one of our regulars, DJ Katch knows a little bit about party starting so we enjoy having him at the party. Often seen taking his breakfast tea and toast at six on a Sundae evening, Katch sometimes plays records for us too, and every time is a masterful display of funky business. Just recently though, he’s been absent from the party so we had to see what’s up, and it turns out it’s big news!

Katch and the rest of the Resin Dogs have been tucked away in the studio, blending up that special something something to put out a bag of fresh tunes in the form of a new Resin Dogs album. Most excellent, party people. Now that a lot of the sleepless nights are out of the way, Katch has a chance to take a breather, catch some sunny rays and hopefully give us a little taste of the new stuff he’s been cooking up back there in the kitchen.

To be fair, it’s not like his calender wasn’t busy before. All this year he’s been putting on fresh and funky shows at Coniston Lane, Laruche and a recent warm up for Afrika Bambataa too, so we are lucky to have him find some time for us here at Sundae. Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will be on hand to get things promptly moving in a funky direction before we get stuck into a classy afternoon of hip hop, breaks and disco grooves presented by a local master. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 22/9/13 :: Fergus Alexander

Returning to Sundae after a short adventure through the UK, Fergus Alexander has brought along all the fresh influences found on his travels, and a new enthusiasm for the sport to the controls here at the party. Arriving riverside with all the supplies needed for a terrific afternoon that will see us chilling and illing with an experienced selector at the wheels.

Fergus first came to attention amongst the underground parties of notoriety that traded in whispers of memorable events that had begun to build a loyal community around the dj booths of Brisbane. Joining the fray with his own operation, Logic events would go on to become one Brisbane’s more influential party outfits, responsible for some high quality disco and very very deep house. Of course the usual back and forth saw Fergus appear in the booth for many international warmups and guest duties about town, most recently opening up proceedings at the Barsoma finale and a fine display at Buxton records debut onto the scene at Capulet.

In the down time between busyness, Fergus puts the work in trawling, prospecting for fresh tunes that can keep up with the rest of his bag of deep, groovy and melodic sound workouts. What happens in between the track selection and Fergus casually dropping monster tunes with an ice cold draft in hand is a small mystery we hope we can find out a bit more about this Sundae. Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be along as well to guide the afternoon into that sweet spot with that warm, lazy funk and disco vibe that gently closes your weekend, or gets it restarted as the case may be. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 15/9/13 :: Subzilla

Down here at the party we’re getting into the business of spring, and we are just loving it at the moment. We’ve been having a great time these last few weeks checking out some new artists and introducing them to our crowd. This week we are joined by Subzilla, and while not their first appearance at Sundae, are making a name for themselves around town with a fresh approacht to the funky bumpy business that is catching some ears.

Subzilla consists of DJs Ra and Butterz, both great spinners in their own right, and both doing considerable trade at the Empire and Family complex up the road. Both coming from a breakbeat and funk background Butterz became known for doing dancefloor damage at his Shifty parties, while Ra brought the peak time party fun with the Adicts crew. Together they’ve created a formidable team that is just doing great stuff all around town at the moment, in particular, Coniston Lane and Cloudland.

The last time we caught up with Subzilla, they’d just played Sundae for the first time, and were about to follow house music legend Derrick Carter onto the decks, so we are pretty sure we know what they are doing behind in the booth. All manner of funky brokenbeat and house grooves are in the mail for us so don’t miss out on what is sure to be a great day down here at Watt. We’ll see you by the riverside.sundae130908biosubzilla

Sundae 8/9/13 :: Pat Stewart

Over the last few years we’ve been proud to watch a great young crew of DJs taking to the deep sound in Brisbane, rejecting commercialism for a more emotive and original approach to dance music. These are the kind of guests that are always welcome at Sundae, so we open the booth this week to a new face around these parts, Patrick Stewart.

Within only a few short seasons, Patrick has established himself as a professional selector, preferring the high pressure underground parties for the delivery of his sound, putting in the late hours and rewarded with a few key supports including the likes of Robert Babicz, Huxley and Jay Shepheard amongst others. Contributing to the success of the Auditree and Subtrakt operations, he is also responsible for the wonderful Motif events that have shown Brisbane a good time too.

Of course the peak time club cuts can make way for an after hours selection that we’ve been assured will blow our hair back too, so we are looking forward to hearing what’s going on in his record bag. Of course the usual flavours of deep house grooves will be on display with few other bits mixed in. And of course our residents Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be on hand to get things moving in the right direction.

Join us this Sundae as we welcome a new face to the fold here at the party. September is just putting Brisbane on display at the moment so come and get amongst the outdoors with great tunes to soundtrack the end of your weekend. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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