Sundae 10/11/13 :: Shannon L Marshall

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For over a decade, Shannon L Marshall has immersed himself in the club sound. With footings in early electronica, US deep and funky tech house, he has streamlined the sound with each presentation to the floor, maintaining a nocturnal longevity, though with an ever evolving creative take on cutting edge club rhythms.

Preferring to shake it in the city’s larger sound systems, Shannon has long been a fixture in the major club circuit. Developing through an intense five year residency at Empire Hotel, and long term engagements with The Family and Therapy, and more recently, Alhambra, The Met and Brunswick Social; his ability to adapt to different party scenarios have served to cement Shannon’s position as one of the city’s most reliable players.

Shannon’s talented and efficient ability to set up rooms has been called upon to support a diverse range of international visitors, both highlighting his own individual take on the sound whilst providing a respectful heat up for the guest. Derrick Carter, Ben Watt, Inland Knights, Chris Lum, Johnny Fiasco, Brett Johnson, Jim Baron (Crazy Penis), James Curd (Greenskeepers), Andy Caldwell, and more have all been assisted by Shannon’s early treatment of the club, and has made for some memorable events.

When coming to the Sundae party, Shannon packs a bag like a picnic. All the pieces for a great day in the sun, all neatly arranged and ready to serve up a feast. and all with the deep and funky style that you know that we love down here. Join us this Sundae for an extra helping, Shannon style. See you by the riverside.

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Sundae 3/11/13 :: Hakan Henry [Turkey]

We’ve been fortunate here at Sundae to have made so many great international friends, and this week we are checking in with our Turkish correspondent Hakan Henry to see what’s bumping in his studio. Hakan is a recent addition to the Sundae Brisbane family, however his report card is impressive, and he’s been dishing up great stuff at every appearance here at the party so let’s take a look inside Hakan’s record bag.

Telling a story all the way back to 1994 of huge developments taking place in the the Turkish dance music scene. Hakan has seen it first hand from his initial upbringing in his youth playing parties in his local community centre to managing the gyrations of thousands at clubs like Crystal, 11:11 and Maslak 2019. His list of known associates too shows some names we’ve come into contact with before. Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Fred Everything, Jt Donaldson, Raoul from Swirl People and Roy Ayers all took on parties set up by Hakan. Not content to manage proceedings in Istanbul, Hakan has had his passport stamped in clubs in New York, Chicago, London, Ibiza, Lucerne and Sofia.

In Brisbane, Hakan has been very selective about the parties he plays, sticking to the underground house events with quality guests, including helping bring Jimpster to the floor at our Sundae International party earlier in the year. Totally down with the house sound, of course Hakan has a few flavours and flourishes to distinguish himself, though those that who know, know that he is fairly adept at making the human body twist and turn, or in our case here in the park, to chill and be chilled.

Of course our ever-effervescent hosts Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be about to guide the afternoon all the way to it’s destination- getting you in the right place to unwind with your friends! Summer is just around the corner so come past and let’s turn the heat up as we welcome back Hakan Henry. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 27/10/13 :: Vinyl Throwdown with Danny Cool

Our Vinyl Throwdown parties have become an institution here at Sundae, giving some of Brisbane’s favourite DJs a chance to dig through their collections, and a chance for our party people to check out some of the best recorded music around. This week we continue the theme with one of the funky finest record collections in Brisbane, along with the studious DJ in control of this unreal library, Danny Cool.

Danny has been for a long time a regarded record spinner, often pulling out classic tunes and sleeper hits that drag people from the dancefloor to the booth to snipe the track title and try to make it back to the floor before the break ends. Found about town at venues like X + Y, Laruche, Rumpus, Birdees and more, Danny has a built a strong following, both young and old, drawn to his party approach, and although recently making the digital conversion, vinyl records are still a big part of his performances.

Down here at Sundae we’re setting out the turntables for Danny’s imminent arrival, and we can expect an afternoon of hip hop, funk, soul, boogie and a dash of house and disco to be pumping out of the speakers. Perfect. Great afternoon tunes delivered straight from the needle in the groove to you, so join us in by the river soaking up some of that Danny Cool party vibe. We’ll see you in the sunshine.


Sundae 20/10/13 :: Peter G [Sunset Splendour]

These recent weeks have seen the afternoons get longer and warmer, the shards of sunlight stretching over the landscape shine a golden hue and illuminate the park setting. The good party people of course are getting down in fine fashion and our guest for this week will bring bags of sunshine himself, so without further ado let’s welcome back the man with the golden sound, Peter G.

Peter has long been a close member of the Sundae family, bringing both dj sets and live instrumentation to the party. Also known about town for his many activities, not least of course his long relationship with Cloudland, Press Club and Family, he has recently dipped off the mainstream club radar of recent days to focus and his own members style club with partner Ajanta over at Funk Fidelity. Parties coming out of this location are quickly becoming notorious for good vibes and good people and are bringing a refreshing change to Brisbane.

In the hot seat, Peter is the very measure of cool, calm and his collection of rare funk, disco and rare grooves will keep you bouncing until well after the sun has gone down. He’s bringing keyboards and other bits and pieces to party to keep things interesting and no doubt we will get a chance to hear some new and classic Golden Sound in amongst the business too. Peter is a versatile musician across many instruments and disciplines and we imagine that he will be weaving this golden goodness in amongst his little trip down memory lane. Golden Sound has become an integral part of the party scene here in Brisbane so we will enjoy listening to some classic Golden Sound tunes delivered by the master himself.

Join us this Sundae as we throw open the sound system to Peter G, a professional party planner providing the perfect potion to persuade you to party.

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Sundae 13/10/13 :: Cosmo Cater

In Brisbane, it is difficult to pass by a weekend without hearing something about our guest for this week. Since the beginning of dance music time, Cosmo has been at the forefront of our industry, supporting, developing and just generally lapping up the music culture in this fair city.

Cosmo is one of the steadiest hands in Brisbane: Famous DJ standing next to him, thousands upon thousands of people losing their minds in front of him, and yet he is the very model of cool, calm and collected. This prowess has been displayed fairly much everywhere there are turntables- Family, Barsoma, Empire, Birdees, and almost every festival someone has tried to sell you a ticket to- he’s played with a finesse that has made him the go to man for international warmup duties. Cosmo’s extreme attention to detail and ability to get the job done at the business end of the night has found him on speed dial for promoters bringing out the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, James Lavelle and more. His presence in the booth enough to make even the headliner more than a little nervous.

Down here at Sundae, Cosmo has become a party favourite, showing both the depth of his record collection and his ability to handle any gathering of party people, night or day. You can expect an ear catching deep dubby disco house set that will put you in a great mood for the rest of the week. Be sure not to miss him when he joins the party this Sundae, alongside the return of Cool Hand Luke and Chantal to the turntables.. See you in the sunshine..