Sundae 20/10/13 :: Peter G [Sunset Splendour]

These recent weeks have seen the afternoons get longer and warmer, the shards of sunlight stretching over the landscape shine a golden hue and illuminate the park setting. The good party people of course are getting down in fine fashion and our guest for this week will bring bags of sunshine himself, so without further ado let’s welcome back the man with the golden sound, Peter G.

Peter has long been a close member of the Sundae family, bringing both dj sets and live instrumentation to the party. Also known about town for his many activities, not least of course his long relationship with Cloudland, Press Club and Family, he has recently dipped off the mainstream club radar of recent days to focus and his own members style club with partner Ajanta over at Funk Fidelity. Parties coming out of this location are quickly becoming notorious for good vibes and good people and are bringing a refreshing change to Brisbane.

In the hot seat, Peter is the very measure of cool, calm and his collection of rare funk, disco and rare grooves will keep you bouncing until well after the sun has gone down. He’s bringing keyboards and other bits and pieces to party to keep things interesting and no doubt we will get a chance to hear some new and classic Golden Sound in amongst the business too. Peter is a versatile musician across many instruments and disciplines and we imagine that he will be weaving this golden goodness in amongst his little trip down memory lane. Golden Sound has become an integral part of the party scene here in Brisbane so we will enjoy listening to some classic Golden Sound tunes delivered by the master himself.

Join us this Sundae as we throw open the sound system to Peter G, a professional party planner providing the perfect potion to persuade you to party.

peter bio 1

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