Sundae 8/12/13 :: Vinyl Throwdown with Paul Farris [UK]

From dance music’s fledgeling beginnings in the UK to the forward thinking future funk down here at the Sundae party, our guest this week has seen it all and more. Paul Farris has put together a fine and storied career over almost quarter of a century, working with some of house music’s finest institutions, so let’s not stand on ceremony, let’s kick it off with a quick run down of his rap sheet so we know what’s in store for us when he comes past our little party this Sundae.

Straight out of high school Paul headed to the local record stores, setting up shop and influencing the tastes of the fashionable young cats that would form the foundation of the dance music sounds we know and love today. Not enough to influence tastes locally, Paul moved across to Defected Records, getting in on the ground floor of a project that would dominate house music globally, and see him bring his talent and experience to the fore, mixing various compilations and working closely with artists such as Sandy Rivera, Mousse T, Shapeshifters, Blaze and more. During this time too he acted as the label’s resident DJ in their club based activities, all the while developing the prospects of smaller labels and artists that would grow to become major names.

Paul’s own abilities behind the decks are highly respected and have seen him take on some infamous sound systems around the world. Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, D Club, Pravda, Pacha and so many more that we can’t fit here. His club sets are highly regard for both innovation and respect to the classics, and his musically knowledge and record collection are something that most DJs can’t even comprehend in the wildest dreams. The guy knows exactly what he’s doing, is what we’re trying to say. And we are so very fortunate that such a great DJ decided to up sticks and move to Brisbane.

Since the big move out here to convict country Paul has been very selective about his club appearances so we feel pretty lucky to be on the list. So don’t miss out when Paul Farris comes past this Sundae to lay it out for us. Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will of course be managing proceedings and setting up the fine Sundae sound of disco, deep house, funk and boogie tunes to get things moving in the right direction. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae131201 bio paul farris

Sundae 1/12/13 :: Chic Wants You!

Wow. Everywhere tunes. Much amaze. So House. This week we are going all out in celebration of the upcoming “Mobile Disco” super-event featuring Nile Rodgers, Chic and Todd Terry. Brisbane’s finest will be in support and of course Sundae crew have got their sticky little fingers in this tasty pie too! However, we can’t wait ’til the 15th to get this proper party started so we are going to have a little warm up session of our own.

Sundae specialists Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will be joined at Watt by the Brisbane segment of the support crew featuring Mr Sparkle, Kieron C, and Cosmo Cater. We will be throwing down only the finest classic house and disco tunes in a Sundae soundcheck to prepare us all for the big event coming up in a few weeks time, and will be featuring cuts from the impressive back catalogues of Todd Terry, Chic and Nile Rodgers.. There will be heaps of give aways including signed CDs and a chance to meet the band too, as well as a funky little disco dance class to get you stepping in the right direction.

There will be talk of this event to come for sure, and we are doing our little bit to get our party people prepped and ready for this great event. There will be ticket sellers on hand too if you need to hook your friends up. This is a great chance to see some of Brisbane’s finest DJs in the spotlight before the big night comes around so don’t miss out on the fun. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae 24/11/13 :: Benn Hopkins [Hed Kandi]

Sundae is a collaborative effort made by a few dedicated DJs in Brisbane and one of the less public faces of our team is hitting the turntables this week to remind us how all this Sundae business got started.

Often seen lurking at the Sundae party, Benn is a qualified party starter and reliable hand across the early hours in the city’s clubs. Introducing international tourists each week at his Zuri parties doesn’t hurt his resume, and often sees him sorting out the logistics of getting the evening started at Barsoma, Laruche, Bacchus and so on too. Benn is at least partially responsible shaping the sound down here, from slow and groovy r’n’b jams to deep instrumental hip hop, upbeat funky breaks and soulful deep house beats.

In addition to all this busyness behind the decks, Benn has been responsible for maintaining the connection to the motherland, and has appeared at the original Sundae party in Philadelphia, one of only a handful of Aussie DJs to do so. This international connection has also seen Benn responsible for bringing out some of our great overseas guests.

Benn Hopkins is an experienced operator and eager to take the Sundae party for a spin. Deep goodness from Benn on the funky disco tip and of course your hosts, Cool Hand Luke and Chantal in attendance too. Join us this week in the park, in the sun. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae121116 bio benn

Sundae 17/11/13 :: Phil Perry [UK]

Recently at Sundae we were visited upon by Phil Perry, a UK expat and part of a growing crowd of travelling DJs drawn to the pleasing climate and laid back house sound we’ve got going on around here. We did a little digging into what he had going on and found Phil definitely had the resume to spin at our tables. In fact, some of the world’s best DJs have fought for a chance to spin at his tables, his club Full Circle is regarded by DJs such as Ralph Lawson, Jo Mills, Clive Henry and more as one of their favourite places to play. Of course, after one visit to Sundae we were throwing tracks back and forth like old pals, and his tunes were doing the business for the Sundae faithful, so we’ve invited him back to kick it with us again.

First dropping a needle in 1977, Phil was part of a generation of DJs that laid the groundwork for the superclub era that would appear near the end of the century. Mixing it with Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Todd Terry, Robert Owens and other early DJs moving and shaking UK nightclubs into a new era with wild mix of disco, soul, funk and an emerging house beat. Reaching out to the US, Ibiza, South Africa, and Australia, Phil has spun for party people from Twilo and Soundfactory in New York to an early Sydney visit to 25000 dancers at Darling Harbour in 1991, before returning home to play tour DJ for Leftfield, Massive Attack and Faithless. All while maintaining homebase at regarded venues Ministry of Sound and Full Circle. Full Circle began with the do-it-yourself attitude of the time and grew into an intense display of debauchery and shenanigans that sustained the UK through the early 90s. Nowadays, Full Circle is but a memory, however Phil still brings the good times, with a bag stacked with the ‘right stuff.’

We’re pleased to see Phil back down here at Sundae speaking the international language and throwing down some tunes. His first session with us was a great display by an experienced DJ, and a good time was had by all. We’ve invited him back to go another round and we’re setting course for a warm and groovy vibe trading afternoon tunes and of course hanging out with you all. Join us with Phil Perry this week, come and see us in the sunshine.

sundae121116 bio phil