Sundae International 22/2/14 :: Terrance Parker [Detroit]

Brisbane has seen an influx of high profile visitors in recent times, though none so readily received as house music legend Terrence Parker. The last time Terrence played Brisbane was a crazy affair, with the faithful showing out to welcome this iconic artist to our little town. So we urge you, if you are serious about your dance music, get serious about this. And for those just dipping their toes in, here’s a little primer.

Detroit, 1988. The motor city already has a place in music history with an extensive list of musicians, particularly soul artists hailing from the industrial outpost. Enter a new breed of artist: forward thinking. respectful of vintage, but not content to stay in one place. Detroit’s musical underground are experimenting with electronics and publishing the results on what is now some of the most sought after vinyl in the world. Although now primarily known for the output of it’s techno artists, Detroit has a strong house scene as well, and no doubt DJs were trading licks in this melting pot of dance music.

Our guest Terrence Parker was there at the beginning. For more than a quarter century now, clubs worldwide have been taking dance lessons from this individual and creative DJ. Terrence has shaped the sound of dance music around the globe both through his inimitable mixing style in the club, or his groundbreaking work in the studio. Recognised immediately both by his unique choice of headphone: the handset of a Bell-era rotary dial phone, and the soulful stomping style he has developed over decades in the clubs.

With more than 100 released recordings under his belt, Terrence Parker is a studio master too. Classic records such as “Love’s got me High,” “The Question” and “Detroit After Dark,” highlight his influence on the current state of dance music, while deeper inspection of his back catalogue reveal a serious DJ and producer with a lifelong love of the club. Crossing soulful, deep house with a gospel upbring and the industrial machinations of the motor city have shaped a chugging, ground hugging deep house style that is uplifting and refreshing.

Terrence has made his way around the planet, spinning in more than 150 cities, and thankfully, he is returning to Brisbane. As we mentioned the last time he was here was a special night, filled with memorable tunes mixed by a master. On hand to support are local heroes Chantal and Cool Hand Luke, setting up what will no doubt be an extraordinary night for house music fans. In a new venue for this special night, we will be taking over the Fish Lane Studios at the Fox Hotel on Saturday 22nd February. Terrence Parker is ringing. Answer the call.


Sundae 9/2/14 :: Bure

An understated, though generous and efficient DJ, Bure joins us at the decks this week to shine a light on the deeper aspects of his sound. More notorious for his bigroom work, Bure’s collection spans all shades of house, and has seen him able to take on any room. Sunbar, Press Club, Jade Buddha, and Alhambra have all seen the more soulful end of his sound, whilst Uber, Family, GPO and the Met have enjoyed the peak time sound he is readily able to deliver. More recently, Bure has expanded his flavour of parties and is doing some groovy stuff around town. At the moment he is concentrating on studio work too, producing and engineering some fine releases. In between dates, Bure continues to punch out remixes under his Musik1 alias, notably hitting #5 on the Aria singles chart for his redo of Ricky-Lee’s ‘Hell No.’

This week though, Bure is eager to explore the deeper sound with us, alongside some cool vintage cuts. He arrives at the party with bags of experience, and some fresh and funky ideas too. Indeed, last week saw Bure’s “Funk on Friday” residency host recent Sundae guests Chikashi and Peter G at Loft in West End so we have an idea of his current mindset, and we are keen to get busy.

Chantal and Cool Hand Luke of course will shape the direction of the afternoon before handing the reins to Bure for a little wiggle through deep soulful house, to some more funky numbers. The long summer afternoons have been treating us well, and alongside some cookin’ tunes from Bure we are looking at a great little day out. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae 140202 bio 02 bure

Sundae 2/2/14 :: DJ Popshelf

The Sundae family is a ragtag bunch of record collectors and selectors, and we are always welcoming new members of the tribe who have that special attachment to their music and the will to share with our people. This week sees a new initiate arrive at the party with crates of delicious treats that will no doubt endear himself to the faithful, so let’s get to meeting our new arrival, DJ Popshelf.

Collecting music for almost as long as he has been collecting air to breathe, Popshelf is a serious collector. His studio is a tangle of records, cassetes, hard drives, and CDs. Any medium, from any decade. If it’s quality, Popshelf likely has it, the live version, a bootleg and an import. The guy can’t get enough of the good stuff.

With a production background and a history of careful event planning and party design, Popshelf’s unique ability to craft a groovy atmosphere has been picked up by a number of venues around town, including Bowery, Libertine, Brunswick Social and Cobbler. It is hard to pin down what you might hear on any particular night as he drifts from mid century swing and jazz, grooves, hip hop, soul all the way through to glitchy intelligent electronica, and into the four beat with some carefully selected laid back deep house.

Joining Sundae hosts Cool Hand Luke and Chantal for his first visit to Sundae, the afternoon will no doubt be a lazy meander through classy selections all with careful consideration given to the party atmosphere. Join us this week as we welcome DJ Popshelf to the Sundae family. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae 140202 bio 01 popshelf

Sundae 26/1/14 :: Australia Dae Vinyl Throwdown

Well we’re right in the middle of summer now, and the Sundae faithful have been enjoying the warm weather and hot hot tunes. This week we are taking a huge risk by throwing our first Vinyl Throwdown party for the year. Luckily for us though, we have some cool cats on hand to bring the chilled out vibes. Let’s meet our guests Jason Rouse and Gracie.

With over 30 years of DJing experience between the two, Gracie and Rousey have helped guide our little city’s clubs into the new millenium. Before all the superclub business in the early 2000s, clubbing in Brisbane was a sordid affair. DJing actually meant leaving the house to buy tunes, in the daylight, no less. Nights were spent trucking records from spot to spot and back home again. A handful of dedicated DJs plied their trade in the clubs and slowly shaped Brisbane’s nightlife with their experienced guidance of the city’s growing dancefloors. Venues such as The Tube, Viva, Monastery, Family, The Met and GPO have all called on Gracie or Rousey at certain times, and in most instances the two together would bolster a club’s roster with the sheer depth of their experience.

Taking their cues from their own cratedigging research, Gracie and Rousey were both regularly seen preparing their performances in the record stores during the week. Attention to detail was paramount in seeking out the perfect groove, and hours were spent flipping through the thousands of great releases that were slowly starting to stream into the city. It is this dedication to building up their record collections that we hope to bring out of these two classic selectors this weekend when they arrive at the party. Among their thousands upon thousands of records sit some historic classics and forgotten gems, covering all the things we like down here at Sundae.

This will be a special day for some of our veteran clubbers as they may relive some times past in venues long since defunct. That should not discourage our younger folk however, as this pair are both great fun and will be good for a get down. Of course, Gracie and Rousey share musical interests, and us as well, so flavours of funk, disco, soul, deep house and more will be covered in this history lesson. Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will of course be on hand to introduce our guests. A special day for sure, so bring your good selves, your close people and we will together keep it cool by the river. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae 140119 bio 2 gr

19/1/14 :: Kieron C + Chantal’s Birthday Bash

After the sensational afternoon last week with our international guest Chikashi, we need something strong to follow. We are only a few days into New Year and we are already on high rotation and the party people are out in force. This week we are keeping it local, but keeping the pace up with a party that is becoming an annual event. It is of course Kieron C + Chantal’s Birthday Bash, and that means a chance to share the spotlight and some birthday cake. But mostly it means record after record of funky business is heading our way.

Chantal has been an integral part of the Sundae event in Brisbane, playing multiple roles of host, photographer, dancer, and of course DJ. It is here behind the decks where her real energy flows to the party. Sublime chilled cuts, or her outstanding collection of funk, soul, deep house and disco, clubs like Zuri, Press Club, and Barsoma can’t get enough. Chantal has all moods of the party covered, and the stamina to take us from sunup to sundown and onwards, so look forward to a rich selection of solid party tunes.

Kieron C is also a close friend of the Sundae clan, and is generally nearby when an experienced party starter is called for. Kieron has decades of experience in Brisbane clubs, laying it down at Empire, Family, Barsoma and Kerbside. His unique take on dance music has flowed onto many other Brisbane DJs through his influential role at the source, working the desk for Rockinghorse Records and shaping the modern club sound in this city. At Sundae, expect to hear a fine assortment of party jams crossing disco, funk, and boogie.

It’s that time of again when birthday candles meet musical mayhem, so get your party outfit together. Everyone loves a birthday bash, and you’re all invited! No need to bring gifts, just yourselves and your friends. A huge amount of fun was had last year with a no rules DJ set taking us on a sonic journey. We’ve got the tunes, just a sprinkle of you good people and we’ll get this party humming. Kieron C + Chantal’s Birthday Bash, this Sundae from 3pm. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae International 12/1/14 :: Chikashi [Japan]

We are quickly getting stuck into the new year here at Sundae HQ, and this week we welcome our newest member of the Sundae International family with a visit from veteran Japanese spinner, DJ Chikashi.

Chikashi Nishiwaki’s musical adventure began all the way back in 1987, and for over quarter of a century he has delivered only the finest audio to discerning ears. Hailing from the Fukui region right on the coast near the centre of Japan, Chikashi has based his operations there while maintaining an international presence. In his home country, he is renowned for sophisticated dancefloor jazz, boogie, Afro, Latin, and Brazilian soulful beats, always presented on vinyl. He developed his own sound alongside Japanese luminaries DJ Krush, Kyoto Jazz Massive and Toshio Matsuura and continues to this day with deep vinyl explorations seeking out the right tunes to “for people to dance and be happy.” Indeed, his own club, “Tree Cafe” in Tsuruga is now approaching it’s 8th year, and is regarded by audiophiles and serious record collectors as a fine example of a club where music comes first. Our very own Peter G is set to appear at the club’s 8th Anniversary party, no doubt attracted to the attention to detail found in every stage of the party process, from atmosphere to speaker design to music policy.

Some of our older Brisbane clubbers may remember Chikashi’s first visits to Australia about a decade ago, where he joined the Good Vibrations tour. Basing himself in Brisbane at the time, he was a favourite at some of our little city’s eclectic independent parties and held his own across many different party situations. Internationally too, Chikashi has toured extensively and often attracted the attention of artists such as Gilles Petersen, Jazztronik and Nicola Conte who have susequently visited him at his club in Japan. As a producer too, Chikashi has provided remix talent for a number of artists from deep dub sounds to jazzy breakbeats, boogie and more on respected Japanese labels such as Mighty Highness, Ak47 and Audiosutra, among others.

This will be Chikashi’s first visit to Sundae, though we hope not the last, as our musical tastes are indeed in step. Our hosts Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be on hand to introduce our guest and we will be soaking up the musical journey across genres. The summer climate will surely add to the relaxed vibe, though we expect a few hot tunes to keep everybody ticking along nicely. Join us this week as we present DJ Chikashi from Japan. We’ll see you by the riverside.