Sundae 26/1/14 :: Australia Dae Vinyl Throwdown

Well we’re right in the middle of summer now, and the Sundae faithful have been enjoying the warm weather and hot hot tunes. This week we are taking a huge risk by throwing our first Vinyl Throwdown party for the year. Luckily for us though, we have some cool cats on hand to bring the chilled out vibes. Let’s meet our guests Jason Rouse and Gracie.

With over 30 years of DJing experience between the two, Gracie and Rousey have helped guide our little city’s clubs into the new millenium. Before all the superclub business in the early 2000s, clubbing in Brisbane was a sordid affair. DJing actually meant leaving the house to buy tunes, in the daylight, no less. Nights were spent trucking records from spot to spot and back home again. A handful of dedicated DJs plied their trade in the clubs and slowly shaped Brisbane’s nightlife with their experienced guidance of the city’s growing dancefloors. Venues such as The Tube, Viva, Monastery, Family, The Met and GPO have all called on Gracie or Rousey at certain times, and in most instances the two together would bolster a club’s roster with the sheer depth of their experience.

Taking their cues from their own cratedigging research, Gracie and Rousey were both regularly seen preparing their performances in the record stores during the week. Attention to detail was paramount in seeking out the perfect groove, and hours were spent flipping through the thousands of great releases that were slowly starting to stream into the city. It is this dedication to building up their record collections that we hope to bring out of these two classic selectors this weekend when they arrive at the party. Among their thousands upon thousands of records sit some historic classics and forgotten gems, covering all the things we like down here at Sundae.

This will be a special day for some of our veteran clubbers as they may relive some times past in venues long since defunct. That should not discourage our younger folk however, as this pair are both great fun and will be good for a get down. Of course, Gracie and Rousey share musical interests, and us as well, so flavours of funk, disco, soul, deep house and more will be covered in this history lesson. Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will of course be on hand to introduce our guests. A special day for sure, so bring your good selves, your close people and we will together keep it cool by the river. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae 140119 bio 2 gr

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