Sundae 9/3/14 :: Katch

Around these parts, we have a few friendly faces that keep us motivated to show up each week and one of our regulars, DJ Katch knows a little bit about party starting so we enjoy having him at the party. Often seen taking his breakfast tea and toast at six on a Sundae evening, Katch sometimes plays records for us too, and every time is a masterful display of funky business. Katch is a keen collector and a devastating selector, rocking living rooms, big rooms, outside rooms and now Sundae with his infectious party funking vibes.

From early in the game, Katch has positioned himself as a hip hop explorer, along the way collecting multiple DMC titles, been one of 2Dogs, crossed the country with the notorious party outfit Resin Dogs, and hosted the long running Phat Tape show on 4ZZZ. The misadventures and mischief continues on the road, where Katch performs touring duties for Regurgitator, in amongst his own busy schedule that sees him criss crossing the globe.

Katch and the rest of the Resin Dogs have been tucked away in the studio recently too, blending up that special something something to put out a bag of fresh tunes in the form of a new Resin Dogs album. Most excellent, party people. Now that a lot of the sleepless nights are out of the way, Katch has a chance to take a breather, catch some sunny rays and hopefully give us a little taste of the new stuff he’s been cooking up back there in the kitchen.

To be fair, it’s not like his calender wasn’t busy before. In the last year we saw Katch putting on fresh and funky shows at Coniston Lane, Laruche and a recent warm up for Afrika Bambataa too, so we are lucky to have him find some time for us here at Sundae. Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will be on hand to get things promptly moving in a funky direction before we get stuck into a classy afternoon of hip hop, breaks and disco grooves presented on wax by a local master. We’ll see you by the riverside.

More info :: HERE
Watt Bar + Restaurant
New Farm Park
119 Lamington St

Katch @ Sundae

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