Sundae 15/6/14 :: Hakan Henry

We’ve been fortunate here at Sundae to have made so many great international friends, and this week we are checking in with our Turkish correspondent Hakan Henry to see what’s bumping in his studio. Hakan is a recent addition to the Sundae Brisbane family, however his report card is impressive, and he’s been dishing up great stuff at every appearance here at the party so let’s take a look inside Hakan’s record bag.

Telling a story all the way back to 1994 of huge developments taking place in the the Turkish dance music scene. Hakan has seen it first hand from his initial upbringing in his youth playing parties in his local community centre to managing the gyrations of thousands at clubs like Crystal, 11:11 and Maslak 2019. His list of known associates too shows some names we’ve come into contact with before. Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Fred Everything, Jt Donaldson, Raoul from Swirl People and Roy Ayers all took on parties set up by Hakan. Not content to manage proceedings in Istanbul, Hakan has had his passport stamped in clubs in New York, Chicago, London, Ibiza, Lucerne and Sofia.

In Brisbane, Hakan has been very selective about the parties he plays, sticking to the underground house events with quality guests, including helping bring Jimpster and Terrance Parker to the floor at our Sundae International parties. Totally down with the house sound, of course Hakan has a few flavours and flourishes to distinguish himself, though those that who know, know that he is fairly adept at making the human body twist and turn, or in our case here in the park, to chill and be chilled.

Of course our ever-effervescent hosts Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be about to guide the afternoon all the way to it’s destination- getting you in the right place to unwind with your friends! Winter is just around the corner so come past and let’s turn the heat up as we welcome back Hakan Henry. We’ll see you by the riverside.

More info :: HERE
Watt Bar + Restaurant
New Farm Park
119 Lamington St

Hakan Henry @ Sundae

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