Sundae 5/10/14 :: Chantal and Cool Hand Luke return!

In recent weeks we have seen a few changes around the Sundae HQ as we’ve settled in to our new home. Winter has made way for a beautiful spring, the tunes have been pumping courtesy of our great guests, and of course you shiny happy people, getting about in your finest and bringing the good cheer. A couple of faces have been missing from all this merriment though, and this week we welcome back our hosts Chantal and Cool Hand Luke, returning from a month long adventure that saw them bring the funk to crowds in Italy, Spain and Cambodia. Along the way, they met up with many of our international friends, lost themselves, found themselves again and basically had a grand old time. However, it is time to put them to work so we can hear all the cool new tunes and influences they picked up along their travels so let’s clean up the office a bit ’cause the bosses are back in town.

Cool Hand Luke has been a central fixture of Brisbane’s nightlife, and some daytime activities too, for nearly a decade and a half now. In that time he has racked up an incredible list of residencies including Family, Zuri, Cloudland, Alhambra, Alloneword, Therapy, and many, many more. His enthusiastic approach to the party, smooth, effortless mixing and solid selection have endeared him to thousands of fans in this little city, and more than a few around the world. Called upon to support a list of visiting international artists far too numerous to list here, though many of you will remember warm ups for Terrence Parker, Jimpster, DJ Spinna and Nile Rogers in recent times.

Chantal first came to attention thumping funky house out of the park at Therapy and just kept on keeping on from there, taking on Limes, Zuri, Press Club and all sorts of other parties too. Originally a dancer, Chantal brought a unique perspective to dance music, and brought a technical prowess to support her groovy tunes. Brisbane clubbers quickly came about, and Chantal too has amassed a significant number of people that have wobbled to her music.

After a few weeks break, our heroes should be rested and ready to let rip. Their first time in the new venue, Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will bring the boogie to Reef Seafood and Sushi, and of course you fine people need to get on board this groove train. Weaving through soul, disco, funk, deep house, boogie and more, you all know what to do. Buy the ticket, take the ride. (Actually, we are free entry, but you know what we mean.) The journey sets off from 2pm. We’ll see you in the sunshine.

Sundae Australia

Reef Seafood + Sushi
Gasworks Plaza 76 Skyring Terrace,ย Newstead

2pm – late

sundae 141005 chantal and luke banner

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