Sundae 26/10/14 :: Kieron C

Now we’ve been rolling a few weeks at our new home, we’re starting to get a little more confident with what we can get away with. The glorious warm spring weather is gently teasing Brisbane with hints of the summer to come, the people are out to play, and up jumped the boogie-man with the the funky sway. Enter Kieron C.

A long time friend of the clan, Kieron is generally nearby when an experienced party starter is called for. Kieron has decades of experience in Brisbane clubs, a long list including Empire, Family, Barsoma, Kerbside, Laruche, Zuri etc etc. It’s a really long list. His unique take on dance music has flowed onto many other Brisbane DJs through his influential role working the desk at Rockinghorse Records, and shaping the modern club sound in this city, both through his own solo DJing, or as part of the notorious Vinyl Slingers outfit. More recently too, Kieron has been involved in bringing a number of important artists to Brisbane, like Greg Wilson and John Morales, cannily fitting them into his tight schedule around the numerous international artists that seek his support when they arrive in Australia.

Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will be ready to welcome Kieron as he arrives at the new venue. The three of them will then go to town on you all slamming down tune after tune of the finest, boogiest funk, soul, disco, hip hop and house. Sundae mission statement right there. Come and get involved as we are only half the party, the other half is you. We’ll see you in the sunshine.


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