Sundae 7/12/14 :: DJ Miro Grgic

Well what a spectacular showing last week as we shifted up the road a bit into the centre of the plaza. Ruby the Kombi Van was certainly feeling the love, and I have a feeling we’re going to see a bit more of this concept in the future. All the DJs had a blast too, and going by some of your reactions the feeling was mutual, so expect us, Sundae to be working on new and innovative ways to sling party tunes out in the sunshine.

This week we move back into the restaurant- we can’t be too far from these delicious platters. Resident DJs Chantal, Benn Hopkins and Cool Hand Luke are setting up the party to welcome guest DJ Miro back to the Sundae tables. Drawing from a solid foundation of a collection of smooth swinging tunes, a respectable resume at nightspots around the city, and technical skills in the office to put it all together, Miro arrives at the party super ready to throw down fine recordings all afternoon.

Drawing from the deeper, groovier, more organic end of the musical spectrum, Miro puts the pieces together in a considered way, with the needs of the party at the forefront of his mind. Behind the mixer, Miro is a confident selector, and previous visits to Sundae have shown an experienced DJ and mood setter working the room just right with a chilled but funky groove that will allow the Sundae faithful to stretch their legs or just stretch out in the sun. Perfect.

Residents in support will switch up different bits of disco, funk, soul, hip hop and house as the mood dictates, and keep a watchful ear over the party as we navigate the afternoon. Reef Seafood is coming to our rescue every week with a menu that is just right for our appetite too, so please join us this week as we officially enter the summer season here at Sundae. We’ll see you in the sunshine.

Sundae 7th December
From 2pm
Family Friendly

Gasworks Plaza
Skyring Terrace, Newstead, Brisbane, Australia

More info here ::

sundae 141207 miro banner


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