Sundae 15/3/15 :: Chantal

sundae 150222 card chantal

Chantal first came to attention thumping funky house out of the park at Therapy and just kept on, taking on Limes, Zuri, Press Club, Cloudland and more. Originally a dancer, Chantal brought a unique perspective to dance music, and brought a technical prowess to support her groovy tunes. Brisbane clubbers quickly came about, and Chantal too has amassed a significant number of people that have wobbled to her music. Recently, Chantal was at the wheels fronting Derrick Carter and taking the crowd for a ride there, so getting behind the wheel of the kombi should be no problem for her. Sundae is Chantal’s wheelhouse so no doubt we are in for a treat.

Sundae 15th March 2015
From 2pm – 9pm
Family Friendly

Gasworks Plaza
Skyring Terrace, Newstead, Brisbane, Australia

More info :: HERE

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