Sundae 15/12/13 :: Sundae vs Subtrakt

Sharing our passion for providing Brisbane with the finest dance music from around the world, Sundae and Subtrakt have each developed a following for their dedication to the cause, and this week sees the two crews combining for a deep house extravaganza set by the river. Although specializing in different flavours of the house sound, our guests this week will no doubt complement the Sundae sound with the flourish that they have become known around town for. Let’s get down to business and check in with Subtrakt’s Rikki Newton and Adam Swain.

First coming to Brisbane’s attention in the early years of the new millenium, the two each developed their own style, Rikki coming to notoriety at Press Club and Family, Adam breaking out of Sky Room and Barsoma. It didn’t take too long for the two to find each other and look for an outlet for their shared passion for the finest quality international deep house. Subtrakt became a vehicle for shining attention on some of their favourite artists, while also providing a playground for the two to let loose in.

Now in it’s seventh year, Subtrakt has taken a number of venues to a new level, including Bowler Bar, Capulet, and of course their spiritual home at Barsoma, amongst a number of boat parties, bowls sessions, and other outdoor activities. So we know the boys can handle the club both day and night and that’s how we do here at Sundae so the lads have scheduled in a visit with us here at Sundae to take our party from afternoon to evening.

Cool Hand Luke and Chantal will be on hand to make up this awesome foursome, and keeping the sound on flow, charting a path through deep, electronic, jazzy house. Of course our usual stars behind the bar will be taking care of your cocktail and drink needs too. Get in early to reserve your real estate as the summer days are attracting increasingly large crowds. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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Sundae 30/6/13 :: Adam Swain

A passionate collector, dedicated clubber, and talented mixer with a basement cache sound of evocative deep house, disco and downbeat grooves, Adam Swain has had a tremendous few years educating Brisbane clubbers on the sounds from down below. Swain’s history sits deep in jazz, hip hop, soul, techno and deep house influences, and his productions have developed a left of centre downbeat groove that neatly occupies a distinct corner of electronica and house production coming out of Brisbane at the moment.

Solid productions under his belt, tidy mixing and an inspired appreciation of house music saw him regularly rotate around all the right parties, not to mention launching his own outfit Deeparture into the fray, causing a rethink on where a proper little dancefloor can be situated. Copromoting the Subtrakt night alongside Rikki Newton, launching a label, Buxton Records, and appearances in Hong Kong and Thailand have all kept Swain busy, though we’ve locked him down to return to the place where he won Sundae’s DJ competition a little while back.

Swain is deep in the pocket of Brisbane’s house eclectic. A unique sound and genuine excitement on every approach to the decks, he is a class DJ with a firm hand on the mixer and a deep groove in the club. No doubt we are in for an exciting afternoon soaking up the business, so please join us by the river. We’ll see you in the sunshine..