Sundae Brisbane + Let’s Get Minimal 22/12/12 :: Terrence Parker [Detroit] @ Coniston Lane

One of the kings of house who has been rocking it since 1988 will be making Brisbane shake their booty for the first time ever the Saturday before the xmas.

Who else but the telephone man ‘Terrence Parker’ of Detroit USA!!!

We at lgm and Sundae couldn’t be more ecstatic; we know how extraordinary this guy really is, take our word for it if you don’t know him already. Get down to Coniston Lane to have a boogie like no other!

Support DJs:
Anna Sonnenburg
Coolhand Luke

$20 @
$25 on the door

Terrence pretty much is house music. He lives and breathes it and executes it perfectly. Terrence is also what some people call a real dj. He concentrates on using the song and the mixer to make his groove. To top that off he is legendary for using an 80s telephone as his headphone!?!

Detroit has been credited as one of the Soul Music capitals of the world, spawning legendary artists like The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross just to name a few. Within the past decade Detroit’s Underground Music Movement has brought rise to new artists such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and a host of others. But unlike the aforesaid names, Terrence Parker has established himself as a producer, remixer and DJ of the classic sound of House Music, and is known as a pioneer of the Inspirational / Gospel House movement!

Terrence Parker has performed as a DJ in more than 150 cities throughout the world. Since 1988, he has released more than 100 recordings, and had top 20 hits with his songs “Love’s Got Me High”, “The Question” and albums like “Detroit After Dark” in the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Terrence Parker is definitely still in the game, and better than ever. Some people call TP the “Telephone Man” because he uses an actual telephone as headphones. We call him the “Telephone Man” because he has answered the CALL to bring us music to feed our souls!

Come get your dance on!


Sundae 21/10/12 :: Anna Sonnenburg + Haiku

Last week we saw Mr Sparkles and Benn Hopkins sort the Sundae crowd out while Luke and Chantal are out of town, and this week they hand the keys over again for a different kind of groove from Anna Sonnenburg and Haiku. No strangers to the Sundae party either, the turntables are in good hands this week as take in the warm days from a fresh perspective.

Representing the academic section of the squad, these two cats have laid out intelligent club music in the best spots in the city for a dancefloor to go for a ride. Haiku is a new direction for Adrian Matyear, previously showing up in notorious establishments like Family, Press Club and Cloudland. Early, late, overnight the Haiku sound is deep, organic, chilled funky house, developed in part at Adrian’s long running Therapy experiment at Barsoma. A club which unsurprisingly shows up on Anna Sonnenburg’s rap sheet too. Anna has been operating the controls at Barsoma for a few years now, attached to both the Let’s Get Minimal and Therapy outfits, though hasn’t restricted herself to the Constance St underground, and has shown up on the roster at Zuri and Sky Room too. In fact Anna just set up for Ame up there, while our very own Cool Hand Luke will support Marshall Jefferson too in a few weeks.

This week the party is in good hands with Haiku and Anna Sonnenburg, drifting across deep soulful house to fresh lounge grooves and hip jazzy beats. Another take on the Spring soundtrack provided to you this week by more professional hands in the Sundae crew. We’re looking forward to taking care of your afternoon and we’ll see you by the riverside.

Sundae 12/2/12 :: Soul Sista Selectas

As we enjoy these long lazy days, you could be forgiven for thinking that the summer season could last forever. These sunny days and sultry nights take us right back to school holidays when one could easily forget what day it is, and it is this feeling that we try to recreate each week at our party. Continuing our sizzling summer season this week, we are joined by the Soul Sista Selectors, our girls in the groove Anna Sonnenburg and Chantal, bringing a bag of tunes each that will take you away from your worries and back to those days hanging out in the park by the river.

Across the city, both Anna and Chantal have been blazing a path of party fun in recent years. Both girls made their headline debut at the seminal club night Therapy with breakout performances that would see the club industry sit up and take notice. In the years since, they have each positioned themselves with strong showings at Press Club, Zuri, Barsoma and more, shining a light on both their technical ability, and instinctive track selection, impressing crowds and fellow DJs alike with their genuine enthusiasm for the sport.

At Sundae we have been proud to present our Vinyl Throwdown days as a way of showcasing the history of our art, and that subtle, indescribable appeal of needle on wax. Cool Hand Luke will be there to get things in motion, but the stars this week are definitely Chantal and Anna, throwing down tune after tune of funky, soulful, deep and disco house. As always all are welcome. Whether you are from out of town, or right at home, young, or just young at heart – you know where to find us. We’ll see you by the riverside.



Sundae 28/11/10 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Records are where we all came up. From the musty smell in the shop, the cover art, white labels to black label, and then there was lovingly rolling it into the mix for the first time in the club. Some of Brisbane’s top spinners have selected their favourites, and are dusting them off for you! Scott Walker, Anna Sonnenburg, DJ Freestyle, Adrian Matyear, Chantal, Cool Hand Luke and more. We are all bringing a grab bag of funky, groovy and memorable house and garage tunes, so your afternoon is all set for easy going vibes and friendly people by the river.

Well we have been having some interesting weather lately, but that hasn’t stopped the Sundae family from getting out and getting about in their Sunday best. This week though we can assuredly predict tune after tune as Sundae presents our semi-occasional purist day: The Vinyl Throwdown.