Sundae 29/8/10 :: Anna Sonnenburg

A young woman with an old musical soul Anna’s natural abilities behind the decks comes from years of musical dedication. A multi instrumentalist at the top of her game (even turning down Gigs for Pete Murray) before the dj bug hit. A love affair with Drum & Bass was her introduction to the DJ club scene until one day Anna came accross ‘Mark Farina’s live at Om’ and the obsession with house music started! It wasn’t long and turntables were purchased along with a ton of house and disco records and she has never looked back since! Her love of the soulful house sound comes accross in her sets and we can can expect to hear some classics you would not expect somone Anna’s age to know let alone play. See you in the Sunshine!


Sundae 25/4/10 :: Super Sendoff Soiree

Don’t worry it’s not over! After this Sundae’s long weekend, Benn Hopkins takes the reigns for our “Back By Popular Demand” series with guest Dj’s you know and love. This week Sundae says goodbye (temporarily) to it’s residents DJ’s Chantal and CoolHand Luke as they head off on a month long musical adventure of epic proportions through 8 countries and numorous parties to gain inspiration and probably several hangovers (if the volcano doesn’t stop us!). Chantal, Luc & Friends will be smashing out the Sundae favorites so expect to hear some Funk standards as well as of course, Deep, funky and soulful house so come on down and have a bevy with us.Don’t forget (as if you could) this Sundae and next Sundae fall on long weekends, should be a big one! See you in the sunshine!