Sundae 17/7/11 :: Ash Brosnan

The last few weeks at Sundae have seen our fabulous Brisbane local DJs punching well above their weight and bringing a warmth to the party that serves to stave off the chilly wind. This week we continue the warm and friendly theme with the return of one of our younger spinners in the ever enthusiastic, Ash Brosnan.

With so much great new music being released every day, it is the job of the quality selector to mentally jot down those great timeless sounds, so as to be able to quickly find it again and drop it at the perfect moment at party. Ash doesn’t make it easy for himself either, taking inspiration from the sounds of the tumultuous and inspiring eras of New York, Paris, Chicago and London, and adapting them for the modern day delivery.

It’s not just the sound, but the whole party picture that gets Ash going. Some of our younger friends may recognise him as the steering hand that directed Birdee Num Nums approach to party presentation for the first few years of it’s life. Since then, he’s been showing the Hong Kong locals how Australians do it with style. At each approach he brings his nuanced, but varied tastes to keep the party on the feel good tip without taking itself too seriously.

Down here at Watt, Ash has previously shown that he can mix it with the best, and Sundae has allowed him to delve further into his influences, crossing deep house, disco and italo. Join us this Sundae, we will keep each other warm, and Ash Brosnan will heat it up. See you by the riverside.