Sundae 29/6/14 :: Big Jeff

The first few weeks of winter in Brisbane see us here at Sundae without a care, for we have warm friends and hot tunes, and plenty of delicious drinks with which to toast each other. We find ourselves this week welcoming back to the turntables an old friend of the familia in local hero Big Jeff, a professional and expressional DJ with bags of tunes to share and likely a few stories of our own misbehaviour in our younger years.

Coming to the fore in Brisbane’s clubbing heyday, Big Jeff monitored moods and selected tunes at prime locations around our little city, with a confident swagger and an archive of the finest to back his play. Often seen at the controls across the midnight hours, and occasionally sighted in daylight at the city’s record emporiums, Jeff took crowd management seriously and was responsible for some of the finest dancefloors across the nightlife of the time. Now selective of his outlets, we are pleased he chooses Sundae when he likes to put a needle to a record.

Arriving at the party with a bag of people movers on each arm, Big Jeff joins Chantal and Cool Hand Luke to revisit some of that funky business that set him in such good stead with clubbers here and overseas. A warm and generous party director, Jeff will bring a warm and fun atmosphere while at the same time celebrating his own birthday, so please join us so we can all share in the good cheer. Wish you were here. Come and see us this Sundae, we’ll see you by the riverside.

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Watt Bar + Restaurant
New Farm Park
119 Lamington St

Big Jeff @ Sundae

Sundae 24/4/13 :: Big Jeff

As the saying goes! “If you love something, Set it free… If it comes back, it’s yours, If it doesn’t, it never was yours….” Well this Sunday Big Jeff returns for your listening pleasure to Sundae at Watt with funky house tunes in hand ,on the medium that started it all for DJ’s – vinyl. After many years of travelling the world and being a local social dynamo Jeff remembers his roots and dusts off the record collection for a bit of riverside booty shakin’ Come join one of the friendliest Dj’s in town and bask in big Jeff’s big smile this Sundae at Watt ๐Ÿ™‚