Sundae 8/5/11 :: Bruno Watt

At Sundae , we love it when the enthusiasm of our guest DJs can be felt before they even get to the party. We get to chat with all our spinners before they come down, and the exuberance and shown by all our guests: their love of music, the desire to put on a good show, and the effort they go to planning their Sundae session puts a bit smile on our faces.

Enter Bruno Watt, our guest this week. His knowledge of the sound spans 16 experienced years, and he’s excited to play the party. It’s practically spilling out of his record bag before he’s at the venue.

While pleased with the proliferation of the house sound in the popular sphere, he searches for something real. A connection with people, a true release through music, and a groove that you know we love here at Sundae. From a bouncy jackin salsa beat, to a moody soulful groove, Bruno likes all the different shades of house, and we can’t wait.

Following the great weather, and huge turnout we had last week, we are looking forward to another great party by the river. Tell your friends to join us, we’ll see you in the sunshine.