Sundae 18/11/12 :: Gustavo + Cubanito


Every now and then here at Sundae, we like to throw open the party to some outside influence, we get some of the ‘right people’ involved and put on a little social that takes everyone to another place. This time we’re headed to Cuba and the Caribbean, and if you remember back to our Brazilian Carnivale or our huge New Year’s Eve last year in a similar theme, we are putting it together right with some special guests to join the fray.

Coming at us this week is our close associate Gustavo on percussion and a new appearance at Sundae, DJ Cubanito, alongside Cool Hand Luke and Chantal. Cubanito takes his name from the island of his birth and although he calls Brisbane home now, he has maintained a solid supply line with the mother country. Steadily importing a collection of the region’s finest musical contraband, Cubanito distributes the tunes personally at venues like Alhambra, Cloudland and for special events at QPAC, fresh from the Havana airport.

Many of the party faithful will recognize Gustavo, he has joined us before at the party bringing primal energy and an incessant groove. Not only Sundae, Gustavo has collaborated with us at many swell parties at Barsoma, Family and Cloudland. An innate understanding of the internal human rhythm allowing him to play with the party and drive it along at a nice clip.

Down here at the party, we’re pretty easy to sway if the right groove comes along, and this one is irresistable. Of course the Sundae residents are well travelled in search of cool sounds from around the world so you know this is going to be downright proper. Our passports are falling apart at the seams so our Cuban Fiesta party will save us some legwork, and we can put that effort into getting our groove on this Sundae. Join us with tunes of all different latin flavours, brought to you by professional tune smugglers in the know. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae 25/9/11 :: Sundae Carnivale!

Spring has sprung, and here at Sundae we feel thatโ€™s worthy of a parade. Off the back of the success of our 10th Birthday celebration, we are preparing another great event for you and your friends. Sundae 25th September we will be throwing a party to welcome the coming silly season that is sure to heat up.

Featuring DJโ€™s Chris Wilson, Mr Sparkle, and Benn Hopkins, alongside a colourful cast of street performers, including Batucada Drummers, Brazilian dancers, and Gustavo from Chukale. Not to mention our effervescent hosts Chantal + Cool Hand Luke.

Join us from 3pm, in the sublime surroundings of New Farm Park and Brisbane Powerhouse complex and help us celebrate all the great things about living in Brisbane, good climate, great people, and that sweet Sundae sound. See you by the riverside.